2020 Make Nine

A cat looking at a sewing machine.
Ziggy loves to 'help'...
Ah yes, Make Nine. I suppose I should do a run-down of last year’s nine before kicking off this year’s…

Last year’s nine were: Clever With Colour jacket; Louisa Harding cardi; Colette Sorbetto; Simplicity 8246 skirt; A-line miniskirt; kimono top; tunic; wide-legged trousers; something in tweed.

Well, I completed two off the list – the Sorbetto and the skirt. Both got a few wears; they're perfectly functional though I can already see how I'd make them differently if I reused the patterns. I also finished knitting the jacket, but I’m not happy with the bobbly edging at the back of the neck, so I’m going to have to partially detach it from the knitted body, rip it back and reknit it shorter. That’s going to be a massive faff and I’m not looking forward to it at all, which is why I'm procrastinating, but I know from past experience that if I’m not happy with something I’ve made it never gets worn, so I’ve got to do it. Arrrrrrrrrse!

Two out of five’s pretty bad, eh? But wait! I did make a few other things last year that weren't on my list. Two sleeveless shirts, which were among my most-worn tops of the year, and the mock-up of a shirt for Pete using an old duvet cover. I’ll turn the mock-up into a pyjama top for myself (waste not, want not), and am now working on a proper one for Pete – that's the burgundy fabric in the photo below. I also made cushion covers from some beautiful hand-loomed silk we bought in India, and as a sadder make, some crocheted flowers as an online friend died and her family asked for crocheted flowers that they could put on her coffin and then make into a memorial blanket. My year hasn’t been completely devoid of crafting, then.
This year’s Make Nine will hopefully be: kimono top; wide-legged trousers; tunic; something in tweed; at least one more Simplicity 8246 skirt; at least one more sleeveless shirt; a shirtdress; something using authentic 60s fabric; a pussybow blouse.

Yes, four of those are from last year. The '60s fabric' is vague, but what I make will depend on the cloth I use. I already have patterns for everything else on the list – in the case of the sleeveless shirt and 8246 skirt, I already have fully adapted patterns. And, of course, I want to complete my Clever With Colour and Pete’s shirt.
I don’t actually mind not completing the nine. It’s more something I use to encourage myself than a hard-and-fast list. If I manage nine, it’ll be great. If I only manage three, and three other unlisted things, that’ll still be great. Nothing on the list involves the beautiful velvet Pete bought me for Christmas; I want to take my time and find the right pattern for that one.

Here’s to a great year of making things!


  1. You have been busy - ably assisted by the gorgeous Ziggy!
    Two wearable pieces are brilliant, I bet you never thought you'd get this far.
    How sad about your online friend but what a lovely tribute to turn those crahet flowers into a memorial blanket. xxx

  2. I think anything you manage to make is an achievement you can be proud of, never mind the initial nine on your list. And the fact that the two tops you made were among your most worn is especially praise-worthy. Good to hear you're taking your time to decide what to do with that fabulous peacock patterned velvet. I'm sure the perfect pattern will turn up when you least expect it. xxx

  3. You have the cutest assistant.
    Nine is a lot when you're working full time and having a life. I have some vintage fabric I've moved out of the stash onto a table but I can't promise it won't still be unused this time next year.

  4. Well you've been pretty busy by the list of things you did make! Well done you. I look forward to seeing and hearing about your projects in progress and I just can't wait to see what you do with the beautiful velvet...

  5. Looking forward to seeing what you make.

  6. I think you made a lot of things and some of them have been worn many times, so it's fabulous!.
    Sorry that your jacket neckline has to be revamped, this kind of things make me feel frustrated too.
    Looking forward to know something about the fab velvet!

  7. Is that your cute kitty Ziggy? So adorable!

    Put it this way: how many things would you make without an incentive like Make Nine? Maybe none! So instead of beating yourself up, how about celebrating what you did make? Be kind to yourself.

    I forgot to comment on the SWANKY pajamas in the last/older post - I would swank around in those like a BOSS. I love them! This pattern above reminded me.


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