The dress of dreams

We got our annual bonus at work last payday, and while I was sensible with a chunk of it, putting it in savings, and bought presents with some of the rest (work gets hectic in the run-up to Christmas so I like to prepare things early), I already had a good idea what I'd be treating myself to: the Evelyn dress in ebony crepe from House Of Foxy. Yesterday it went up on their site (I knew it was in the works thanks to their Instagram feed) and this morning I ordered one.

Yes, it's expensive. However, I have fewer qualms splashing out on stuff from HoF because the quality of everything else I've bought from them is extremely good, and it's made in Britain so I know it's not coming to me from a sweatshop. And, dammit, I'm going to have a treat from my bonus; I worked hard for that! At this price I did have to be absolutely sure I wanted it, but heck, it's perfect. Ruching above and below the bust, bishop sleeves... such a lovely thing.

I'm not sure why I want to spend all summer dressing for a 60s spy-fi and all winter for a film noir, but there you go. Maybe it's because miniskirts are too cold for winter! Anyway, the charity shop gods seem keen to help me channel my inner Barbara Stanwyck, as in the past couple of weeks they've sent me a dinky plain black cardigan – something I was missing and really wanted – and a black fluted skirt similar to HoF's flutter skirts in shape, and yesterday I found a classic style rain mac, made by Monsoon, in the most fabulous shade of teal. It was cheap because it was missing a button, but I could see instantly how I could move one from a pocket without spoiling the look of the coat. My last coat was also charity shopped, but it's got quite tired now and the lining is all torn, so this is a timely replacement. All those chazza bargains should balance out the cost of that Foxy frock.

You're going to ask for photos, I know it, so I promise they will come! I hope you're having as much shopping success as I am, in charity shops or elsewhere.


  1. Beautiful! I believe it's worth paying for things that you know you'll wear all the time.

  2. What a stunning dress! You're so right to spoil yourself. Looks like the gods of the charity shops were looking down favourably as well. And of course, I'm asking for photos ;-) xxx

  3. For a quality item of clothing, that seems like a very good price. You could spend that much in a department store and get something stitched together with an overlocker.

  4. Wow! That is a pretty dress! Such a classic that you can wear forever.
    I'm drooling over HOF's site- such gorgeous clothes!
    I still have that never worn London Fog raincoat to send to you- but I dare not send it from Nepal or India (it will be ridiculously $$ and/or will never get there) My trip to the US has been postponed due to the wedding until 2019, hopefully September & then I'll mail it to you.

    1. The Indian Post Office is brilliant - I posted a 10kg parcel back to myself when I was in Goa in February - it cost £40 and took 4 days (quicker than it took our missing luggage to find us!) xxx

    2. Goa is one thing, Delhi is another. I've tried shipping things out of Delhi before to the UK, Sweden, and the US - some disappeared, some arrived soaked in urine, some arrived 6 months later.

  5. That dress is gorgeous, I love the sleeves! I'm dying to see you in it.
    Sounds like the chazzing goddess has been kind to you. Great rescue with swapping the buttons around on the mac.
    Chazzing/eBaying has been brilliant lately - I'm itching to go out hunting again this week. xxx

  6. How lovely that you are finding great things in the chazzas! Hurrah!

    The dress sounds gorgeous; crepe is such a wonderful material and very flattering. I'd love to see you wearing the dress...

    Everybody needs a good black cardigan and I love the sound of a flutter skirt! The mac also sounds fab and what's a missing button? I bet you have loads you could use if needed.

    Hope the chazza gods continue to favour you!

  7. I actually wear miniskirts far more often in autumn/winter - because they are practical for wet, windy weather and I wear thick tights and boots with them!

    I am envious of your fabulous dress purchase. What a stunner! Xx


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