Blogoversary giveaway: win a box of Robotness!

It’s blogoversary giveaway time again! If you’ve only started reading Crinoline Robot in the past year, here’s how the giveaway works:

To celebrate my blog lasting another year, I put together a box of stuff I really like (because if I don’t like it, why should you?). This isn’t any old tat, or stuff I’ve blagged, it’s carefully chosen old tat, and is usually bought or made by me. This year one of the items was given to me but as I already owned a copy it's going in the box. You leave ONE comment to say you fancy winning it. After the closing date, I put the number of entries into a random number generator, and the person whose number comes up gets the parcel.

EDIT: I'm shipping worldwide! You're responsible for customs etc at your end, but I'll post it to the winner anywhere on planet Earth.

What’s in the Box of Robotness?
Vintage Fashion Knitwear by Marnie Fogg
I’ve already got a copy in paperback, but someone then gave me the hardback in a work clear-out. I’m passing the hardback on to the winner of the giveaway. It's a really good guide to changing styles in knitwear over the 20th century.
A fair isle beret
Your own piece of vintage fashion knitwear, knitted by me. The fibres are mostly pure wool. It’s made from my favourite pattern, which is probably from the 1960s but styles like this work well with 1940s and 50s looks too. I love my own beret like this. (I made some others for a charity, and they sold for £15 each!)

Vintage buttons
I like buttons. Have some nice ones. Two lots are still on their original cards.

Genuine vintage hosiery
Tights and stockings, as I know people tend to prefer one or the other. If you don’t like either, you can drop this part of the giveaway. I’m afraid the colour is a bit dingy, but the packaging amused me.

A packet of Professor Elemental tea
A full pack, bought especially for this giveaway. I have a box of my own, and now the winner of the giveaway can brew their own Cup of Brown Joy. It's extremely good stuff, a blend of Russian Caravan and Earl Grey, and I have a pack of my own to take into work. (See my writeup of The Elemental Blend on Greedybots.) I've also popped some Prof postcards into the parcel.

And that’s your lot this year. It’s not a massive pile of things, but they’re all good. Just leave ONE comment below if you fancy winning it, and I’ll use that random number generator to draw the winner on the 7th of August.


  1. I'd love to win, thanks for the chance!

  2. Love the tam so need to to practice my fair isle.

  3. Oh, that beret is so cute! I'd love to wear it in the winter so count me in. Happy blogoversary too!!

  4. Gorgeous beret! Knitting book would sit very happily on my shelf, too. I like your eclectic interests :)

  5. Don't worry about me for the giveaway my love - but i just wanted to say happy blogoversaire!

  6. Happy blogiversary! What a great prize package. Buttons are one of my favorite things, especially sweet vintage ones. I'm in the US so no need to enter me if you don't want to ship it so far.

  7. Happy blogoversary! you don't look a day older ;-P

    I would love to win mostly for the beret and tea, I'm always up for trying new tea!

  8. I love your blog; please do keep writing. So many of the things you talk about I remember from my childhood/teenage years, and it's refreshing to read such...well, intelligent is the word, I guess...commentary. Maybe it's just that I tend to share your taste! Especially love the perfume posts--I've worn many of the scents you mention. Best, Kate in Oregon

  9. Happy blog birthday! What an amazing set of goodies you are giving away. I have flicked through my friend's copy of that book, it is like knitting porn! Marvellous beret too.


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