Outfit post with unfortunate photos

Okay, a warning: people are not Mr Robot's photographic speciality and I think he's usually a bit exasperated when I ask for an outfit photo, and I have never learned how to pose properly. However, I've just been to York for the weekend and thought I'd share a couple of Saturday's outfits, awful though the poses are.

First up is the dress I recently repaired. (How to repair torn armpits in a vintage dress) There's a lot I love about this dress, from the pattern to the look of the fabric to the crisp lines. The one thing I don't like is the waist. It's lower at the back than the front. This could be to do with my front - manufacturers tend to cut for a C-cup, not my ludicrous build - but it makes me feel as though I'm wearing a maternity dress. Although the dress came with its original belt, I'm tempted to replace it for everyday wear with a thicker one that covers both the dress's high-low waist and sits straight around my actual waist. You can see my favourite 1960s handbag on my arm in this shot.

Then there's my party dress. I actually really like this dress, but the photo is one of the least flattering I've had taken this year. Hey-ho, we all know I'm never going to be a model. The party had a Gatsby theme, so I wore this dress from Hobbs, based on a 1920s tennis dress. I couldn't afford the dress at full price (£150 for pleated polyester? I think not!) but got it cheap in the sales and have been waiting for an opportunity to wear it ever since. The weather wasn't quite warm enough when I went to Burgh Island, but it was perfect for York. I'm wearing it with my Louis-heeled Hush Puppies for a 20s look, though you can't see those, and tried to tie my hair back to give the impression of a bob. A necklace seemed superfluous with a sporty sort of outfit. And see? Apples CAN wear 20s, in fact if you've got a rounded tummy like mine, a good dropped waist renders it invisible!

Anyway, nice photos not of me in my next post - I promise!


  1. Oh god I have the same problem with Mr Magpie! He is crap at taking pictures of me, though to be fair like you I can't pose and I also loathe having my photo taken so that doesn't help.

    I love your Hobbs dress, what a beauty.

    1. To be fair, Pete's not bad at taking photos of people, he's just really excellent with a few other subjects - and he doesn't *like* photographing people! Being cornered by me wanting him to take my picture when he's trying to enjoy a pint means getting things out of the way fairly quickly.

      The more I look at the Hobbs dress, the more the quality of construction is clear. Chiffon is a git to work with, and these hems are perfectly flat, rolled and stitched (no overlocking), half-centimetre jobs. I can imagine a cheaper dress would've had wavy, serged edges to the cloth rather than hems.

  2. I think you look fab! I have the same boob issues at times! xx

  3. Both theses dresses are lovely. I am really inspired by the Hobbs one, as a fellow apple I always assumed a 1920's style would look bobbins on me and you have just proved the complete opposite.

  4. My Mr Magpie can't take photos of me either, despite being generally great with the camera. Also I'm not overly fond of having my photo taken, and don't know how to pose, which is why a lot of my photos tend to be very serious-looking selfies!

    Both of those dresses look absolutely lovely, I'm glad you were able to mend the top one. :)

  5. It's surprising isn't it, the range of figures a dropped '20s style waist suits? I always thought they were just for those with 'boyish' figures, but I'm an hourglass and have come to like the style, and as an apple I think you look fab in that dress - I wouldn't worry about the posing and reluctant photographer too much, we all have photos that don't show us at our best and it's 'real' photos that make blogs appeal anyway isn't it?

    I have to say I've got the opposite problem with my photographer - he studied it years ago and now even if I want a quick snap, he insists on taking at least 10 photos and tells me off if I look sulky or slouch, and generally starts ordering me about!!

    Well done again on the repair to the first one, very skillful job. I think you could try the thicker belt and see what happens?

    P x

    1. Yup, I'm definitely going to get a thicker belt as I have a modern printed dress that could do with one. I've noticed that the waist on that one sits higher at the front than the back too, so I think it may well be my body shape causing it.


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