Outfit post: It's A Wonderful Life

Yesterday Mr Robot and I went to the Little Theatre cinema in Bath to see It's A Wonderful Life after work. We'd got seats smack-bang in the front row of the balcony, which meant we had a two-seater sofa to snuggle up in, and the cinema was giving out mulled wine and mince pies. Such a hot date demanded good clothes, so I wore the brown 1960s dress suit I bought back in November from Darlings Vintage on Etsy.

(Please forgive the black and white photo, but the lighting was horrible and I'm bright orange if you see the shot in colour! At least this way you get a sense of the outfit.)

The suit is made of quite a roughly-woven fabric (Smello Kitty has already managed to put one pluck in it, grr!) and has a furry collar coloured to look like spotty cat. I like the fabric. Because I'm an apple and have a relatively thick waist, straighter 1960s style suit me better than nipped-in 50s ones, but all too often 1960s dresses are made from horrid knitted synthetic fibres.

The labels inside say 'Bracegirdle Derby' and 'A Slimfit model'. The latter might account for the detail at the waist of the dress, as two panels come in below the bust, presumably to pull the eye inwards and give some notion of a waist. That's all the detailing it has though, the neck being a simple, very high, plain one, and the short sleeves completely unadorned. The jacket also has simple detailing at the sides.

I accessorised with black shoes, my black work handbag, and a pretty brooch that I rescued, broken, from a charity shop - a bit of work with my needlenosed pliers and it was wearable again, making it a bargain for £1.50. I liked the way the carved browny glass stones looked against the brown cloth.

And it all felt both smart and glam!


  1. Looks like it was made for you. I like your handbag, too.

  2. Looks lovely, the collar is a pretty detail. Good work on the brooch.

  3. I do like photos in black and white. And isn't it interesting to speculate on the woman who owned that suit first?

  4. What a lovely outfit. They first time I ever saw Its a Wonderful Life was in a small old cinema on Christmas Eve. Everyone clapped at the end. And I bawled my eyes out!

  5. It's a Wonderful Life has to be one of my favorite movies, ever. I'd love to see it the way you did, especially with the wine and pies- so festive!
    Love your outfit, especially the spotted fur collar and that brooch, love those aurora borealis stones!


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