Time for a new old coat!

I’ve fallen into buying secondhand winter coats by accident; I came across a really nice, long grey woollen one last year, and wore it pretty much all winter. Then I found this beige Dannimac raincoat for £6 in Scope over the summer. I’d wanted a classic raincoat for ages, so it was too good a bargain to pass up.

Unless I see something absolutely incredible from a small firm, I’m not sure I’ll bother buying a new coat ever again. The last time I bought brand-new was about four years ago, when I got a gorgeous long green velvet coat with black satin and lace cuffs, plus a black woollen ‘bustle jacket’ from The Dark Angel. I love those coats, though the green velvet doesn’t make it out of the cupboard much. Those are actually my only two flamboyant coats; I tend to favour quite classic coat styles, and it seems silly to pay loads for them when they’re so easy to get secondhand. By now pretty much every charity shop should have its Autumn/Winter stock in, so if you’re likely to need a ‘new’ coat, you’ll have the best choice if you go now.

If you go on a coat hunt, don’t forget to keep an eye open for some super woollen skirts while you’re there. (I’m probably preaching to the choir here; I always whizz quickly through my size garments on all the racks when I’m in a charity shop and you no doubt do the same.)

Age UK is my happy hunting ground for winter skirts – I got the one I’m wearing in their £1.49 sale over the summer and it’s already a real favourite. I can’t wait to finish knitting my navy cardigan as I think it will work brilliantly with the navy/beige/olive/rust fabric of that skirt.

 One note on the Neosens shoes: I bought two pairs, these and a black pair with nothing ‘over the foot’. I’m a 5.5, and while these are fine to wear, the black ones fall off when I walk! Even heel grips haven’t helped. So if you’re a half-size and considering buying Neosens shoes, so down in size, not up! My black pair has a piercing detail down the sides, so I’m trying to decide whether to thread ribbon through them to keep them on, see if a steamy friend can attach leather straps, or just find them a new home with someone with bigger feet. I’m reluctant to take the latter option immediately, so will probably try the ribbons to star with.

Coat - Dannimac, from Scope
Jumper - me-made, pattern is 'Jersey With a Soft Bow' from A Stitch In Time vol 1 and the yarn is Fyberspates Scrumptious 4ply (Note: I made mine too long in the body!)
Skirt - label just says ‘Edinburgh’, Age UK
Shoes - Neosens, from Sarenza
Handbag - Norvic, from British Heart Foundation


  1. Looking forward to seeing your latest knits, nice photo and good find.
    I am OBSESSED with coats, and jackets! The only new ones I have are two that came from Nomads Clothing, both birthday presents, the rest are ebay jobs. The charity shops in my nearest town...over 80 miles away!...aren't great for clothing. Now and then I've found something great but on the whole it's a lot of tat or just really dreary stuff I wouldn't wear.

    The ribbon idea sounds worth trying. You bad thing, you, I have become far too keen on those shoes since you found them for me! Unfortunately the boots haven't ever reached a price I can afford and I'd love a pair of the Victorian style ones, but nor sure they'd fit anyway. Have short legs so the calf muscle starts low down and stuff is always too tight. Immaterial though given the prices. Might have to settle for trying the shoes in sale. My pinkie toes are my bug bear, even my Hotter Valetta's in the standard width rub blisters on the damn things.

  2. Very nice indeed, I was tickled pink when I acquired my jacket for (keep this between us now) 25p! An absolute bargain, one that I doubt I will ever see the likes of again… the above mentioned jacket (readily becoming a trademark of mine) was also worn on our honeymoon at Loch Ness, complimented by my new fedora and pair of tweed ‘effect’ pumps :)


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