A few 30s/40s family photos

I got sent a lovely thing this week: some photos of my family, mostly from when they were in Burma/Myanmar. I think the reason I'm so fascinated by the said of the family is because it's so different to my life and the British history I was taught in school. I remember my granddad talking about finding snakes under the house, or how he'd go walking into the jungle and bring back epiphytic orchids to hang in a tree in the back garden. I remember him showing me the curly Burmese writing.

Mr Robot and I are planning to visit Pyin Oo Lwin – formerly known as Maymyo, the town where Granddad was born and grew up. His sister Sheleagh is still alive, and now living in the UK, and it's her son who sent me these lovely photos. I believe their house is now the site of a Hindu temple, but we shall take a look at the road anyway, and lots of the churches, schools and other buildings they went to should still be there.

The first photo is of my great-grandmother Mary Florence, nee de Solminihac. She was from Kolkata (Calcutta, back then) and moved to Burma/Myanmar when she got married. I'm not sure what the uniform is – some sort of women's army support, I'd guess. The second is also her, on the steps of Rose Cottage, their family home. The third one is my great-aunts Molly and Sheleagh, plus Jean, Molly's daughter. 

I hope you like them. I was overjoyed to receive them.


  1. How interesting, I love looking at old photos.

  2. These are wonderful, I love old photos.
    I was also given some family ones recently too. Sad though, as so many are now gone among some of my second cousins, a large family, only one brother left.

    1. In the past, I've had photos properly scanned and printed for other members of the family - that way, if the original gets lost or damaged, the image is still around for posterity. Perhaps you could suggest the members of your family have a scan-and-swap session, with everyone getting a couple of photos done for all the others in the swap.

  3. Lovely photos, and a lovely gift!


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