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What’s happening down on the farm? I love going away on holiday, and it’s ace coming back to catch up on all my favourite telly and radio. I’m still enjoying Wartime Farm, especially seeing Peter and Alex trying their hands at various revived crafts such as making roofing tiles and making a bird scarer powered by what are essentially mini fireworks. (Although will someone please burn Alex’s never-changed Stank Top?) Mr Robot was especially traumatised by the sight of Ruth making cheese from sour milk in this week’s episode, as his gran used to do something similar but strain it through (clean) old tights. No wonder he and his mother refuse to contemplate cottage cheese!

The end of The Bletchley Circle was predictable enough, with the usual television villain going over the top just so you know he’s REALLY mad – in case the fact he’s been killing women and erm, enjoying, the corpses wasn’t enough of a clue that he wasn't a well bunny. That said, I did appreciate the fact that central character Susan’s last scene left you to think about whether she was happy with her own situation and what decisions she’d make. The 1950s is probably my least favourite decade of the ones I mainly cover on this blog, and it’s probably because of all of them, it’s the one where things feel to me like they went backwards for women, where society as a whole tried to cram them all into being wives and mothers, whether they wanted to be those things or not, in an effort to return to a pre-war ‘normality’. A normality that was in truth being chipped away at even in the 1930s.

Good news on the radio front next week: Dick Barton is returning to Radio 4 Extra in The Paris Adventure! The post-war adventures of Dick and his chums Jock and Snowy are great favourites of mine, and they’re all in 15-minute chunks so you can enjoy a tasty nugget of derring-do every day. (Re: me not liking the 1950s much, as stated above: The massively popular Dick Barton: Special Agent radio programme got cancelled in 1951 as it was too sensationalist and the BBC controllers wanted something more conservative. BAH. That is the 1950s for you. And Dick Barton is back anyway.)


  1. Totally love wartime farm! (and all the other stuff those three have made)...don't have bbc here in Denmark, so I've been following the show on youtube (still waiting for yesterdays show). Also saw bletchley circle on youtube - I really like the plot - and their wardrobe :P Such wonderful coats, especially Susan's - totally want! :D

  2. Anne, Ruth's daughter had a really wonderful suit in the second programme. It made me crave more suits!

    The Bletchley Circle did have brilliant clothing. So many fantastic jumpers and cardigans. (Note to self: knit faster!)


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