Knits on the needles: 1940s jacket/cardigan

Sorry, it's hard to make out the
stitch patterns on navy!
Here’s how I’m getting on with the navy cardigan. Still one one half of the front. No, it’s not progressing very quickly, but then it’s done in thin yarn on thin needles, so it’s going to take a while. I certainly get a lot of knitting time per pound spent when I work in 4ply.

 I had a moment of panic over the weekend when I washed the gold jumper o’ doom and it seemed to grow! As I’d spent over a year working on it, reknitting it once when the front and back were too large, I was horrified! Luckily it seems to have reduced again as it dried, otherwise I’d be facing the choice of finding it a new home with a larger lady or giving it a warm machine wash and hoping it shrank just enough.

 Now, knitting in navy is proving to be a real chore in anything but decent daylight, so I’m thinking of changing my planned next knit. It was going to be in black 4ply, but I’m not sure my eyes will survive the winter doing that, so I think I will leave it until the spring. I’ve got the yarn for the ‘Marmee’ jacket from Louisa Harding Summer Classics, but now I’m not sure if I want a knitted jacket, and I’m wondering whether to turn it into Sarah Hatton’s ‘Lamour’ pullover instead. The yarn is a cotton/silk blend in silvery grey, with a fine silver thread running though it, and I think knitted in that yarn, with a clear diamante button on the tab, ‘Lamour’ would have exactly the space-age-deco look I want to work on getting into my wardrobe. What do you think?


  1. I have Lamour half finished in my knitting bag and really should pick it up. I think there was a sleeveless version in that Rowan which might be more useful for me. Pattern is easy to learn and comes off needles at a pleasing rate (unlike 4-ply in dark wool LOL). I imagine in silver grey it will look gorgeous! xxx

    1. Yes, the speed of knitting in DK definitely has its appeal right now! I thought of the sleeveless one, but I don't really wear slipovers, so the one with sleeves will probably be better for me.


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