Back in September I blogged about the amazing steampunk swap parcel I got in a swap on Ravelry. I'm currently participating in another swap with a vintage/kitsch theme. With the group I'm in, Odd Ducks, it's very important to tailor your package to the person you send to, so I'm still waiting to find out who I get, and whether he or she likes all vintage or lots of kitsch, and what era they're into. Most people seem to be vintage-with-some-kitsch, 40s to 60s, so that should be easy to do.

While it's not the done thing to start your parcel before you know who's going to get it, it never hurts to think of things that would work in it. Currently I'm mulling over aprons, tea cosies, accessories knitted from vintage patterns, and possibly buying retro homewares from a charity shop if my swap partner likes that sort of thing. If they really like kitsch, they may get a poodle bottle cover!

It's probably a good job I haven't been allocated a partner yet as the wretched Jersey with a Soft Bow is STILL on the needles and I am starting to detest it. I have a book to review this weekend, but then I'm going to knit, knit, knit and get it finished. It'll be bearable when it's wearable...


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