My new year's resolution

I've been quite good at sticking to resolutions in the past few years. I don't think resolutions should be negative, to stop X or do less Y. They're soul-destroying, especially at the drabbest time of year. Make a resolution that will bring you pleasure, and you will bring cheer to others as well as yourself. The trick is to pick a small change you can make. The first one I ever managed was to switch to Fair Trade tea; I'd been drinking PG Tips for years. Every once in a while the shop will be out of the one I like so I'll have to try something else, but most of the time nowadays I drink Cafedirect.

Last year my resolution was a good 'un: buy more brooches. This may seem self-indulgent, but the amount of genuine vintage I have was (and still is) limited, and a bit of authentic sparkle really lifts an outfit. I probably bought about eight over the year, none cost me more than £7.50, and some were real bargains – I found a Victorian one made in Chester for £4.50, and a 1960s Exquisite oak leaf one for £1.50. Far cheaper than you'd pay for new brooches on the high street. I also got given some nice ones, including a pretty carved one from Charly Landgirl which I've worn loads. By the end of 2011 I had a small but nice selection of sparklers to go on my jumpers, jackets and dresses.

I actually made 2012's resolution back in December, and it's another simple one: buy more buttons. I have plans to knit a few cardigans, and whether I finish those or acquire a dress or top that could be livened up with vintage buttons, those little round fasteners are going to come in very handy.

Have you made a new year's resolution? I hope it's a positive one!


  1. Ahhh - pleased you liked it! I agree with you totally about NYR's - i usually failed at them - so i now don't bother. But - i am liking your idea of good things to stick to :)

  2. I am liking your new years ressies quite a lot- I gave them up a long time ago, but I think I might start again as I can do ' find more....' resolutions!
    Happy New Year!
    Tupney xxx

  3. Happy New Year to you. How funny about you being in Marks. I took one look at the seathing masses downstairs and headed straight upstairs towards the underwear, much more civilized! I hope you found something nice. :-)

  4. Great resolutions if you ask me. Mine is to be more accepting of myself and care less about what people think. And set up a new website, already done that :-)

  5. Great idea, Mim. I'm going for a fun NYR for 2012 too - get out and do more vintagey things! What's not to like about that?!

  6. I need to buy more buttons too! I often find charity shop bargains with boring or cheap buttons on it - I keep intending to do the old Parisian trick of putting posh buttons on to make high street look like designer, but to do that, I actually need to buy some buttons!


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