Those magnificent men…

Movember is over, so say goodbye to it for another year with this BBC article on the airmen at Lyneham, who grew moustaches for Movember and then posed in 1940s uniforms for a group photo. It would appear the Station Warrant Officer was the man to decide what sort of moustache breached RAF regulations… and he was a participant himself.

You can see all 12 dashing chaps - plus vintge Dakota aeroplane - in more photos at this Zimbio page.

Better than a chocolate in your advent calendar, eh?


  1. Fabulous! The snow really adds something to the pictures as well.

  2. Oooh that's a great picture! I love it!

  3. Great article! I grew a moustache a couple of years ago, but thanks to hereditary gingerness on my father's side it had a distinctly reddish tint and looked completely out of place compared to my brown hair! ;-(

    I've passed on a blog award to you, by the way. Congratulations!


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