Fab Steampunk 'tea cards'

I'm pretty sure everyone who reads CR is familiar with the sort of collectable cards that were popular from the Victorian period onwards. The came in packets of cigarettes, German meat extract (those ones are larger) and PG Tips tea, among other things. I can remember PG ceasing their tea cards, so those at least were produced until the 1980s. My favourites were always the acresses or the cricketers. Flowers, birds and the like are all very well, but people fascinate me.

SF blog/website IO9 had a news story that illustrator Chet Phillips has produced a set of vintage-style cards all about 'The Union of Superlative Heroes', complete with picture on the front and biography on the back, just like real tea/cigarette cards. My favourites of the ones shown on his site are 'Superlative Miss' and 'Gentleman Mint'. His Etsy shop has sold out, but he's going to get more in. If you know someone looking for little decorative accessories for a steampunk home, they'd be just the thing.

Note: I have no connection with IO9, Etsy or Chet Phillips. As usual, I'm just mardling on about cool things I like, no payment!


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