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Phew! After weeks of deadlines and slogging away, I'm finally off work for Christmas. It was really hard by the end, but I did it. So here's my post-final-deadline face from Friday, looking really tired. I'm still very tired, but part of the reason I'm knackered today could well be because Ziggy came in during last night absolutely plastered in mud – we can only think he must've fallen in someone's pond – and had to be given a bath. Bathing a cat in the middle of the night is not conducive to a good night's sleep. He was pretty miserable for a few hours, but once he'd dried out thoroughly he cheered up again.

I'm now catching up with blogs again. It'll take me days to read everything, but it's lovely getting a belated look at everyone's adventures, such as they were in these funny old times. I've already seen some wonderful outfits and delicious-looking food. The news is all doom and gloom, with parts of England in an even harder lockdown and a number of countries not admitting people from Britain because of the new strain of covid here, and queues of lorries building up at ports and talk of potential shortages of some fresh produce, but I see all my pals on their blogs, staying safe and helping keep other safe, still looking fab and finding ways to have fun, and it's a real shot of positivity. With such fab people around, it's clear we're going to get through this, with or without lettuce and cauliflower.

A bottle of champagne and a flute with champagne in on top of a pile of Christmas presents

And so despite feeling knackered, I'm not going to look too hard at what I didn't do over the past month or so. Because you know what? I got my magazines made, despite hard deadlines, the editor of one of my mags leaving (they got another job) and the country in covid chaos. And I got all my Christmas presents wrapped and posted out on time, so all my loved ones will have something to unwrap. I bought myself a bottle of champagne to open when the final one was complete, and it was definitely a good move.

I hope you're feeling really proud of yourself for staying strong and making the most of awful times too. You're great, you are. 

A tabby cat stealing baubles off a Christmas tree.

I shall leave you with Pippin trying to steal mushrooms off the Christmas tree...


  1. Hope you and Mr. Robot have a lovely Christmas and the very best New Year.

    1. Thank you! I hope Clan Goody had a splendid Hannukah and have a fab Christmas too.

  2. You don't look at all tired, Mim n your photo. Rather you look fabulous! Well done on achieving your deadline and that champagne was well deserved!

    I agree with you about our blogging friends - they keep us sane in these mad times.
    What I do know is that my blogging friends have the most characterful cats and Pippin is no exception; midnight mud baths and christmas tree mushroom stealing - whatever next?

    Take care

    1. Ah, it was Ziggy who fell in the mud. If anyone needs an emergency vet trip, it's always him. Pippin is naughty, but manages to avoid accidents. I dread to think what the pair of them will manage next!

  3. Hello Mim! Love that picture of Pippin. Naughty Ziggy! Frank came back with a face covered in gravy last week, goodness knows what he's been up to.
    Well done for getting the magazine out and for Christmas shopping. I only started mine last week and I haven't got a full time job!
    Wishing you, the Mr and the urchins a very happy Xmas. xxx

    1. Sounds like Frank's been bin diving! (Ours are terrors for getting things out of bins.)

      I admit, I didn't send many cards this year. Next year I'll get my act together and write them in October. As daft as it sounds, I don't like to write the cards early in case someone dies - whereas buying presents never gives me the same fear.

  4. Well done on completing this year's final deadline. And getting all your Christmas presents wrapped and posted. You definitely deserve a cheeky glass of champagne (or more!). It's easy to get depressed by all the doom and gloom - I know I do from time to time - but there are still things to enjoy and be thankful for, even if they are sometimes small mercies. Cats are definitely one of those, even when they ravage the Christmas tree or need a bath in the middle of the night! I do hope Ziggy's on the mend, poor thing! xxx

    1. He seems a lot better, though he's taken to sleeping on my pillow, which means doing a bit of extra laundry washing pillowcases (and having to push cat paws out of my face in the night).

  5. glad to hear that you're finally off work for xmas and enjoyed a well deserved glass of champagne after wrapping presents!.
    And totally agree that reading some blogs makes me feel better, as news are usually bleak and annoy me. And the photo of Pippin has put a smile on my face!
    Wish you and your family a fab holiday and a happy new year!

  6. Oh, look at the little mushrooms on the tree!! I love them!

    You have the best hair ever, Mim. So much hair envy over here! Such a strange year this has been, and yes, it's reassuring to see our bloggy friends and see how they celebrated. I've been offline for nearly a week (aside from posting), and am getting caught up on everyone's adventures. A cat-bath, OMG, I hope you weren't scratched! Poor Ziggy!


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