Black lives matter

A serious post today.

Sometimes vintage lovers are accused of living in the past, but I don't see that – we know our recent (100 years or so) history better than the average person, and that means its good sides and bad. You can't listen to Billie Holliday, or watch the films of Lena Horne, or dance to Motown, or have an interest in WWII history and not know the struggle they and other Black people had. It's to society's shame that the struggle is still ongoing.

I've been thinking hard about how I can do better to create a more just world. I don't have a lot of power, but I have some: it's there in who I follow online, where I shop, how I interact, what I campaign for. And so I'm going to put more thought into that, and act on it.


  1. Well said, Mim. That video of George Floyd was absolutely appaling and to think he was one of just 400 black people killed by the police in the USA this year is devastating. xxx

  2. It's too sad for words and utterly shameful that the struggle for black people is still ongoing. Not sure what I can do as an individual, feeling more than just a bit powerless here. xxx

  3. Well said, I felt sick, when I saw that video, proves that some humans are just animals and don’t deserve to breathe. Does it really matter the colour of our skin ? It’s only a colour can’t we all just get along. Japan is terrible, sometimes I feel ashamed. But they are not as bad as the Americans. Hence I never ever want to visit that country. Not untill they improve their relationships with black people.

  4. Yes, well said, Mim. I can only say that as bad as the UK is for Black people it could be even worse in the States.

  5. Totally agree on putting more thought into what I do and where I put my money and time. Sometimes I feel that my support is insignificant, but I'm giving it strongly!

  6. Agreed.
    I have blocked so many people on Instagram in the past week.


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