Make Nine progress

Er, so we’re a bit over halfway through the year. How’s my 2019 Make Nine going?

*Looks shifty*

Actually, it’s not going as badly as it appears in my head. I did make my Colette Sorbetto, and the skirt from Simplicity 8246 (in a fab apple-print fabric, and I adjusted the pattern to account for my thick waist/narrow hips). The Clever With Colour jacket is still on the needles – I’m on the very last bit of the bobbly edging now. So it should be done by the end of the year, given how long it takes me to sew anything knitted together.  I always procrastinate towards the end of a knitting project. And while they were not part of my Make Nine plans, I’ve also made cushion covers and two sleeveless shirts this year.
Three of the items on my list – wide-legged trousers, tunic and kimono top – were listed to go together, but I wasn’t able to find a pattern for the sort of thing I had in mind until recently, when I found one that’s very similar to what I had in mind for the trousers and kimono top. It’s a Vogue pattern, V9375, but has a vintage beach pyjama vibe, and I reckon the trousers and jacket would do the trick for those two pieces. The fabric I was thinking of is this exuberant grey Jacobean floral (it may be grey, but it is busy). I’m still looking for the right tunic pattern, but might just adapt the Sorbetto.

I'm still looking for a 60s-style A-line miniskirt pattern in my size. It will be out there somewhere...

I have bought Vogue 9274, a design for a fabulous asymmetrical jacket. The pattern includes trousers, but they’re elastic-waisted and I’m not wearing tweed trousers with an elastic waist. I’m really not into elastic round my squishy middle. The wide-legged trousers with the kimono top also have that, and I plan to experiment with an invisible zip instead, though if I had to fall back on elastic with crepe, I guess I could live with it. With tweed, though, it’d be too much bulk.

I also found another pattern I liked, a simple shift with a swing jacket, but on me the jacket would fall in just the right place to reveal my waistline, which I prefer not to do. So, it occurred to me, why not combine the shift dress with the asymmetric jacket, all in tweed? YES. Tweed was also on my list for this year. And it also occurred to me that having already made the skirt and top from Simplicity 8246, I don’t need a new pattern for a simple shift dress, I just need to work the adaptations I’ve made to those two garments into the dress from the same pattern.
I’ve also been out and bought a pattern for a shirtdress. I used to have one I loved wearing, but the armholes had the old problem of revealing my bra, and in photos I could see how badly the bodice pulled out of shape because BOOBS, and the slightly high waistline made it look like the ‘girls’ were sitting on my waist and I had no shape. Now I’ve learned to adapt patterns for a fullsome frontage, I can make all the shirt dresses I like.
So, how’s it going? I’m probably still on track to make nine things this year, no problem, but they may not all be the ones I had in mind in January!


  1. You are honestly doing so well! I have managed to make another pair of pyjama bottoms but that's about it! There's a simple a-line skirt pattern in the book 'Love at First Stitch: Demystifying Dressmaking' by Tilly Walnes, perhaps your local library has it? The patterns go up to a UK size 20 approx (44" bust, 38" waist, 47" hip). If that sizing doesn't work, have you thought about drafting your own pattern? An a-line skirt should be easy - lots of tutorials online, including this one:

    I look forward to seeing more of your sewing results!

    1. I spent four hours cutting out men's shirt pieces this weekend - I'm making the toile out of an old duvet cover so took the opportunity to practise my pattern matching while I was at it.

      Ah, thank you for those ideas! That will come in very handy. I've got quite a long list of things to make, so the A-line skirt is on the back burner for now and might not actually get made this year.

  2. All in all, you didn't do badly at all, did you? The important thing is to find patterns to suit you, so if it takes a bit longer, or the things you end up making aren't the ones you originally planned, you're still more than OK. xxx

    1. Yea, and it's funny how making things is really concentrating my thoughts about what I like... as with knitting, when you spend ages sewing something it really forces you to think about the colours and shapes you like. And, as my apple skirt has taught me, it also means the things I can't buy on the apple high street because they're not cut for my shape are now possibilities! It's a dizzying sort of freedom.

  3. I think it's the beauty of making stuff that you learn to adapt and alter things as you go. You sounds as if you have made quite a few items already.

    I have done very little crocheting this year so far; but I have 6 weeks in Ireland coming up and I'm bound to do more.

    I love the sound of the kimono, wide legged trousers and an a asymmetric jacket. I agree with you about an elasticated waistband in tweed being a bit too bulky. You also mention an A line skirt and a shirt dress - blimey sounds like a whole new wardrobe!

    I loved your outfit photos and the green loafers are gorgeous!

    1. Ireland will give you lots of time to crochet, for sure!

      I need more colourful loafers, they're so practical. And yeah, if I keep making stuff at this rate I will have a whole new wardrobe... though if I keep losing weight I'll probably need one at some point anyhow.

  4. You're doing a cracking job, the pieces you've made so far have been great and how good does it feel to wear clothes that actually fit your body?
    I'm not a fan of elasticated waists in either trousers or skirts, too bulky by far. The kimono and wide legged trousers sounds very stylish.
    Keep up the good work. xxx

  5. As someone who's completely inept at sewing, I greatly admire anyone who does it. I can crochet, but my repertoire has been limited to Barbie doll clothes! I guess I could try making something for myself sometime - thanks for the inspiration!

    PS - could you add a "follow by email" in your sidebar? I really like your posts, but I don't do Bloglovin' and so I forget to visit until you leave me a comment (which, THANK YOU!, are so lovely). I'd love to get your posts right away!


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