Haven't got time to do a big post on this one but... The Great British Sewing Bee is returning to telly on the 12th of February. I hadn't thought they were making any more series, so I am VERY pleased with this. Perhaps it will inspire me! I'm sure half the reason Mr Robot bought me a sewing machine last year was because Sewing Bee got him interested in the technical side of making things.



  1. I do hope you get inspiration from this new series, Mim. I might put it on my to-watch list, in the probably vain hope it inspires me to get started. Love the vintage Singer ad! xxx

  2. OOOO!
    I hope someone uploads it to youtube so I can watch!

  3. I am really excited by this. Really wanted to apply but chickened out at the last minute. I love the Sewing Bee. It is the only thing that I watch on TV. I wonder if they will bring out at new book too? I have the other ones and the patterns are nice in the most recent two. Do you have them, Mim? Xx


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