State of the vintage wardrobe: year nine

I'm going to end this post with some general resolutions, but first my annual look at what I've been wearing.

I'd been thinking there wasn't any point to a retrospective this year, that I hadn't really got anything to talk about, but that's not actually true. I have veered more into wearing what I like, rather than trying to conform to overall styles other people admire, which does make me feel like I'm not really part of the 'vintage community', but if people can wear top-to-toe modern pinup and be part of it, I'm going to wear my damn crimplene. I may not look authentically vintage, or even conform to the modern notion of what vintage looks like, but my clothes are definitely old enough!

I did buy new clothes for going to India, and in India. They're not vintage style. I'm keeping them because I like travelling and they're sure to come in handy for future travels, though there's a couple of shirts I'm not 100% keen on and will need to consider carefully whether to keep or donate. I bought a neat little navy miniskirt that's perfect for 60s looks. I also got some basics from charity shops – a modern flutter skirt that's a dead ringer for the 30s styles high-end repro brands sell (for less than a tenth of the price) and some fine-gauge knitwear.

I didn't buy much actual vintage, though I did get a splendid Peggy Page jacket and 60s scarf from Kinky Melon. Gisela sent me a fantastic olive green bag and navy/red scarf at the end of the year, and I'm already coming up with future outfits around them. The bag will match well with a houndstooth check miniskirt I already own.

On the repro front, again I didn't buy much. My two big-purchases were my House of Foxy Evelyn dress, which I should probably just wear the heck out of instead of saving it for best because it cost enough so needs a lot of wears. I also got a pair of shoes from Modshoes and I love them. Deffo getting more from that company. 1960s styles are so pared back that every little detail – the print on fabric, the squaring of the toe – matters, and every time I put the shoes on they really bring something to an outfit. They're a finishing touch, not an afterthought.

This was my big achievement of 2018, and I keep forgetting I even did it. I sewed a top. In fact, the same one a couple of times, because making mistakes is part of the learning process. Pete gave me a sewing machine for my birthday and it gave me the chance to explore sewing, which I'd always wanted to do. Deadline hell at the end of the year knocked my progress on the head, so it's something to pick up and get stuck into in 2019. There's a stack of patterns and fabric in my trunk, so plenty to get started with. I really love the navy miniskirt I bought, and fancy making myself a couple of similar ones from patterned crimplene, to go with plain tops.

I also completed a 1930s jumper. I'd actually finished knitting it in 2017 but didn't get round to sewing the pieces together till 2018. Oh dear! And then it didn't look very nice on. OH DEAR! I've got a 1960s knitted jacket on the needles now and am hoping that looks better.

I have no resolutions for specific things I want this year. My wardrobe's a mishmash, so there's no point planning additions. Though most of what additions are made will probably have a midcentury feel.

* Eat more healthily, exercise more and generally get in better shape. A lot of things in my wardrobe didn't get out in 2018, and that's going to change in 2019.
* Spend more time on the people who like me and less on those who don't. That means blogging as well as IRL; I really missed my blog chums in December.
* Sew and knit myself more nice things.
* Have phone-free Sundays – I want to do this as I think it will help my stress levels and give me more time for making things, but have a friend with severe mental health issues and I worry about cutting myself off in case she needs me. So we'll see if it comes to anything.

I hope you too have a productive and happy 2019!


  1. I very much prefer your damn crimplene to modern pinup, Mim ;-) I'm impressed that you managed to sew a top, as I've still only looked at my Mum's sewing machine. Yeah, I know ... Your House of Foxy Evelyn dress should definitely get more outings: it looks absolutely fabulous on you. As for your shoes from Modshoes, I've been drooling over them since I first laid eyes on them on your blog. Spending time on people who like you (and whom you like!) sounds like a good plan, and so does having phone-free Sundays. Not sure if I'd manage the latter ... Wishing you lots of fabulousness in 2019! xxx

    1. I need to get the junk on top of my storage trunk put away - it's where all my sewing stuff lives, so when the top is cluttered, I'm more reluctant to sew things. Tidy trunk top makes for more creativity.

      Mum gave me an overlocker for Christmas, which i'm hoping will be useful for more delicate fabrics.

  2. Happy New Year!
    Most of your vintage dates to the same era I do-believe me, it is OLD! Hell, I get worried when people talk about 90s "vintage". 60's stuff is definitely worth grabbing when you see it, and the 70s as well.

    I hope this year is good to you. A phone-free day sounds appealing.

    1. Seeing 90s stuff as vintage does my head in - but we're as far from the 90s as people in the 80s were from the 50s! That's somehow worse.

  3. Wear the crimplene & you do you! I admire your new sewing skills and your brilliant take on mid century fashion.
    On spending more time with people who like you:
    "Here's to those who wish us well and those who don't can go to hell"
    -Patsy Cline

  4. Happy New Year!!
    I love that you're wearing what you like (and what suits you) and thrilled that the Peggy Page jacket remains to be a success. You should definitely invest in some more Mod Shoes over the coming year, yours look phenomenal.
    Your plans are almost identical to mine. Maybe you could get another friend to check in on your poorly pal on a Sunday just to give you a little relief. xxx

    1. She's got lots of people around her, I just hate not being there for people.

      I definitely can't get any shoes in January - big Christmas overspend spoiling people! - but I might manage it in February.

  5. Happy New Year Mim! I think we both dropped off the radar a bit in December, it happens when life gets a bit manic. I have missed connecting with people too. Best wishes for the year ahead! X

    1. You at least have the achievement of submitting a PhD. I look forward to seeing your outfit post featuring your doctoral robes!

    2. Mim. you look lovely in your photo - love the green dress with co ordinating cardigan! Wear what you like and sod everybody else; if it's not genuine vintage; so what? It's your style which is unique to you and very nice it looks, too.

      Congratulations on sewing your top. I got a sewing machine when I retired with the idea of learning to use it. It came to nothing and I gave it to a firend who needed one badly. I don't feel guilty. Congratulations too on sewing your cardi together at last. What a shame you didn't like the finished product - but hey that's the way it goes sometimes.

      Good luck with your resolutions. I'm into my third week without a phone and am not missing it as much as I thought. Maybe your friend and you could come up with a ring code so that you recognise she is trying to call you and you can answer if it's her? That way you can still have a phone free day.

      Happy New Year!

  6. Hello, wear what makes you happy!

    What are the Mod shoes like for width?
    I have admired them so often, but I have a wide fit
    foot, and even at sale prices they aren't cheap enough
    to just say meh, they are too tight, charity shop them,
    after a wear out.
    Which is often when I discover that shoes are agony...although
    some I just can't get my foot into from the get go.

    1. I've got EE fitting - wide fittings tend to go E, EE, EEE, and can just get into mine though it's a tight fit. They've just added a section for wider shoes to their website, though, so I guess there's lots of demand for those.

  7. I don't have a smart phone deliberately because I fear what I would be like if I did!
    I highly approve of your plans life's too short to wear things you don't feel happy/comfortable in. A very Happy New Year to you soon and we need to get together now all your mad deadlines are over. xx

    1. Indeed! When's the next vintage fair in Oxford? I'm off to London to see Sam at the start of February but have no plans beyond that.


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