Steampunk event outfit musings

There's always the gold
outfit, although it really
needs a bustle...
Steamcheese (a steampunk day in Frome) is about a month away, and I really don’t have a clue what to wear. None at all. There are all sorts of things complicating this, too. To start with, not being a steampunk, I don’t have a massive amount of choice in my wardrobe. I took a look on Pinterest for inspiration, but everything seemed to involve corsets (can’t be bothered) and trying to look sexy (ditto, and I’d probably fail if I tried).

Also, it’s a day-to-night event. Do I dress quietly, so as not to look too obvious in the daytime, or wear eveningwear all day? I can’t be bothered to take a change of outfit, even if I knew of anywhere to get changed! The ideal solution would be some sort of dainty outfit with a plainer coat or jacket over the top. Take the coat off, party time.

Current top option is wearing my gold dress again. I daresay people are getting bored of it, but it’s my only piece of full-on Victoriana. Mr Robot suggested pairing the top part with breeches or trousers, wearing it as a jacket, which might work.

Other possibilities are one of my vaguely Victorian blouses – I have a couple - with some sort of skirt. Then there’s my Hobbs 20s-style dress. The problem with all those options is that my bust is a bit big for them; I don’t fancy repeating the occasion that someone had to tell me my blouse had undone itself. I really would like to show off the Hobbs dress, though, it’s so pretty! And yes, it’s the wrong era completely, but my friends know it’s very ‘me’ and would like it too.


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