An everyday outfit

Do you ever wonder what people wear every day?  I find with some bloggers I can make a guess at their 'normal' clothes, but with others it's much harder. The one thing that is certain is that absolutely no-one looks all-fabulous, all the time. Except for Dita von Teese, but there's a reason why her name has become synonymous with glamour.

Anyway, here's one of my everyday outfits, a jumper knitted to a vintage pattern and simple black dress (it's folded on my legs, but it is a dress, not trousers). Since I finished knitting the jumper it's become one of my favourites. If I don't pin the neckline it looks more like a regular V-neck, but I like to pin it occasionally, and this time it's with a little Aynsley china floral brooch. With this, thick black tights – I was at university in the 1990s, some habits die hard! – and a pair of black shoes with a Louis heel. If it's a work day, I always wear perfume and jewellery of some sort, I don't feel finished without them.

It's typical of the stuff I wear for work, comfy and possibly a tad frumpy, but fairly fuss-free. I can't bear a mass of frou-frou, and even now often struggle to appreciate prints. (Let's not talk about the hair, mmkay?)

So, what's your everyday look? Streamlined? Full-on vintage glam? Typical 2010s office wear, with the good stuff saved for weekends?

(Thanks to Chloe and everyone at the Rose & Crown, Trowbridge, for letting me have a photo shoot in the pub, and thanks to Mr Robot for taking the picture. It's for a project which I'll tell you more about when the time is right!)


  1. great photo and so you! love the cornflower blue of the jumper and the pattern. And just because you don't do full on sex kitten, doesn't mean your style is frumpy!
    My everyday wear is definatley comfy, lots of tunic tops/jumpers and knitted leggings whilst its cold and 70s statement pendants :)

  2. Nice jumper!

    I tend towards wide-leg trousers or a knee length skirt and opaques, with either a knit or layered tops. I always wear a necklace of some kind and a nice handbag and shoes. I'm not a dress person for everyday, I find them impractical.

    1. Thanks - it was my first go at resizing a vintage pattern.

  3. Proper nice jumper! In pattern AND colour!

    Most of the time I am in a toned down version of my blogging self - as I am at home a lot, usually minus shoes but with nice woolly tights instead.

    1. Thank you! You always look lovely - in your photos, you always come across as having a constant personal style, not just a look you put on for the camera.

  4. I love your style. I covet most of your knitted items. And a fair bit of your jewellery.

    I have a few different styles, I think. I can veer from punk/goth influence to smart, slightly flippy skirts with blouses and smart shoes.

    I was a fan of dresses with daps or DMs long before it was trendy.

    I think subtle and covered up is very often far more glamorous and indeed sexy than the more overt look which seems to appeal to many.


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