Free knitting pattern! Morse Code Mitts

The ribbing makes them fit perfectly.
Christmas is coming, so here's an early present for you: the pattern I designed for Morse Code Mitts. Can't see the code? It's in the cables. On the lefthand one there's bobble-long bobble-bobble-bobble (dot-dash-dot-dot) for 'L' and on the right-hand one there's bobble-long bobble-bobble (dot-dash-dot) for 'R'. It's quite a subtle way of doing it, so geeks will appreciate the joke and most other people will simply see a nice pair of mitts. They're quite short, so probably not ideal for really cold days, but they're great if, like me, you like texting, using your phone and so on while out and about as there's lots of room for your fingers to waggle about.

The large pair takes less than 50g of yarn, so they make a perfect stashbuster, Secret Santa gift or speedy knit if you need a present for someone in a hurry. They're quite stretchy, too, so you can take a guess at the size. The pair in the photos are the ones I knitted for my retro-science loving friend Arfon Jones, and they'll stretch to fit his man-hands, but as you can see they're also fine on my paws.

Skills needed are basic cabling and knitting in the round, but nothing more complicated than that. If you want to knit in the round but the thought of doing a pair of socks gives you The Fear, why not start with these?

The bobble instructions are partly missing. "Pick up the bar between the stitches and knit, purl, knit into it. turn your knitting and purl all 3 sts just made. Turn and knit the 3. Turn and purl the 3. Turn and sl1, k2tog, psso. Finally, return the resulting stitch to the lefthand needle and purl it together with the next purl stitch."
The pattern is missing P2 either side of the tw4's on the second increase round of the left-hand mitt.
Thanks to Dr B. Jenkins for pointing out the errors. I will correct the PDF as soon as possible (I'm very busy with work right now, but it is on my To Do list!)

Get the free knitting pattern!


  1. I love fingerless gloves. Mainly due to my Blackberry/Twitter addiction.

  2. Oh wow! Those are mine?! Yay! Can’t wait! Thanks Mim x

  3. It looks to me as though one could work a telegraph key, and/or jot down messages, while wearing these.


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