Which lady of The Hour are you?

Are you a Bel or a Lix?
I'm mad about The Hour right now, with its fantastic 1950s fashions and intelligent storyline, so here's a bit of fun for a grey weekend for you. Possibly more fun for ladies than gents... Just answer the questions, tot up the score and see who your Hour fashion twin is!

1) How do you like your skirts?
a) Full
b) Fitted
c) I’d rather wear a dress
d) Not at all - trousers all the way!

2) Which colours are you most likely to wear?
a) Something saturated: a rich green, blue or red
b) Happy shades: pink, yellow, orange
c) Neutrals: white, navy and black
d) Ice queen pastels: lavender, frosty blue, icecream pink

3) Choose a jewellery option
a) Bright beads
b) Matching earrings and necklace with plenty of sparkle
c) A sturdy wristwatch
d) A well-placed, modern brooch

4) Your hair?
a) Practically short
b) Luxuriously long, but always under control
c) Softly waved, but never out of place
d) Short and bouncy

Scores 1: a=1, b=2, c=3, d=4  2: a=3, b=2, c=4, d=1  3: a=2, b=1, c=4, d=3  4: a=4, b=1, c=3, d=2

4-6 Your style twin is Marnie! Feminine and classy, always appropriate, you're always perfectly turned out and ladylike.
7-9 Your style twin is Sissy! Colourful and cheery, with bold touches, your look brightens wherever you are
10-13 Your style twin is Bel! Neat and streamlined, but never fading into the background, and definitely womanly rather than girly.
14-16 Your style twin is Lix! Businesslike and unfussy, with no pointless frou-frou, classic practicality is your hallmark.


  1. I am Bel, but I feel more like Lix. I love The Hour!!

    1. I'm definitely more of a Lix at heart. Crabby old journo stuffed full of cynicism...

  2. Love it, I'm Marnie! She's pretty darn gorgeous... :)

    1. I think Marnie is aces. I'm so glad she's got her own career now and is not hanging on waiting for Hector - I was worried the scriptwriters would turn her into a puddle of woe and misery. Hector's going to realise what he's missing soon!


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