More jewellery? Where did that come from?

Yes, it's time for me to STEP AWAY FROM THE ETSY. But look at this set? How could I resist? After all, I didn't have anything green or atomic, so this brooch and earrings fills two jewellery gaps at once... I ordered it at the same time as my Coro set from another seller and both arrived in good time – I wasn't sure either would arrive before Christmas, given they were being shipped internationally. I'm guessing they're late 50s or early 60s, and they're unsigned.

The seller for these was Debi, whose shop is called MyVintageJewels, and she's got some seriously nice stuff on sale, including a caramel-coloured thermoset necklace and earrings.

I did buy this set to go with a specific dress, my lovely green dress from Fever (they've knocked 30% off the price now, too) but I've gained a bundle of pounds from somewhere so haven't got the nerve to wear it right now. Still, the two will go together beautifully once I do put them on together. I'm wearing the earrings today with a cream pussybow blouse and beige tweed trousers, and they do give the outfit a real lift. I love these earrings!

 Mr Robot ventured the opinion last night that I might have enough jewellery now, and after I'd finished laughing and pointed out, "Mai moneyz. I earns it, I spends it,"* it did occur to me that some items I own need a bit more wear and love, so this will be my last purchase for a while.

*Lolcat is a highly efficient way of getting any serious point across


  1. Very nice! DG seems to under a similar misbelief about bags, and make up, silly boy!!! X


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