Georgian delights: meet Lady Georgianna

Scoundrels and fair ladies, talks-of-the-town, rakes and dandies – if that's your sort of 18th century, Lady Georgianna is your sort of band! I met vocalist Abi at Waltz on the Wye – Georgian meets dieselpunk, summing up the fact that Waltz is a real 'welcomes everyone' festival! She wore a stunning dress to the ball, so Mr Robot invariably referred to her as, "You know, the fabulous girl" before learning her name! Anyway, Abi is sickeningly talented, and not only looks beautiful, she is the singer for Lady Georgianna, a trio performing 18th century songs. Dr Micaela Schmitz plays harpsichord and Hetti Price plays cello. Their music is really well-researched, and includes pieces you won't find anyone else performing.

Abi also makes dresses at Moretta Designs – made to order, they're designed to have an 18th century look while being 21st-century-party-friendly.

Post not sponsored in any way... I just thought you might enjoy the beautiful gowns and unusual music!


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