New Year's Resolutions

Switching to fairtrade tea is the only resolution I've successfully stuck to in the past, but here are mine that I should manage to keep until mid-January...

Do my stomach exercises daily, don't use the lift at work (I work on the fourth floor of my building), and get back in the gym. There's no point whining about being too thick round the middle for vintage styles if I'm not doing anything to tone up the lumpy bits. This is particularly important as most of the clothes I like require a streamlined look.

Buy more brooches. (I like this resolution; there should be no problems sticking to this one.)

Knit 'Jersey with a soft bow' in Oyster Scrumptious in time for Waltz on the Wye. (I'm not linking to the WotW site right now as Google says it's got something nasty on it.) My friends reckon they're looking forward to seeing my art deco take on steampunk. Erk! They have more confidence in my wardrobe than I do.

Three's enough, although I also want to make more of an effort to do my ironing so I have nice blouses to wear and polish my shoes regularly. I've slipped back into living in my hiking boots and long-sleeved T-shirts in the cold weather, and that's got to change! What are your resolutions?


  1. Hehe I like the broach resolution too!! I am going to buy more second hand clothes instead of new....not sure if I can remember the others..already!! Will have to re-read my blog post from yesterday lol xx

  2. I refuse to make any resolutions cos I never keep them lol. God I do need to do the exercise thing too though, someone crept into the house over the holidays and moved all of the buttons on my trousers......

    Brooches = happy sigh.

  3. Im the same a MM - no point - I don't stick to them. Apart from the weight loss. I actually cannot WAIT to get back to slimming world this weekend and see when the xmas damage is - and then get the hell on with loosing the rest of the 2.5st i want to shift by the summer.
    I'm liking the brooch resolution. I look forward to seeing your finds :)

  4. I love the stitch in time pattern, and your yarn choice - should look stunning. Happy knitting, and enjoy collecting your brooches - the best New Years Resolution I've ever heared.


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