Satin Christmas baubles [homeware]

I am absolutely delighted to see John Lewis are going to be selling satin Christmas baubles this year. I remember them from my childhood, and think of them as very 1960s/1970s. Usually I take one look at the 1970s and run away screaming – I hit my teens in the 1980s, when anything 1970s was unspeakably unfashionable; there was a real brown/black, flared/tight, folksy/urban split between the two decades, and back in the 1980s nothing could be worse than being a bit 1970s. However, when it comes to Christmas it’s a case of the more nostalgic, the better, and I am very pleased to see satin baubles making a comeback. All the family ones have unravelled over the years, so I shall definitely be buying some new ones.


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