The camera works!

The camera my husband bought recently is a Dacora 1, from 1952. We were a bit gutted to discover the shutter was stuck, but on Sunday, after the application of a bottle of wine (to us) and a goodly amount of WD-40 (to it), it worked! The shutter fired. Today we've loaded it up with black and white film. I'm a bit concerned that there's moisture on the lens. It may be WD-40, but we'll pop some silica gel in the camera case anyhow to see if we can dry it out. If the droplets stay, I guess we'll get some interesting distortion affects.

The amount of technical stuff to learn with a camera this old is quite staggering. Mr Robot is the techie one so he's doing all the f-stops and working out the focal lengths. I'm planning to start developing, messing around with chemicals being more my line than moving little wheels and calculating distances.

I hope to have some Dacora 1 photos to show you in the not-too-far future.

(Do click on the link to see what it looks like, it's so gorgeous! Ours is in a little brown fold-out leather case too.)


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