Buy a bit of Mad Men style

I haven't seen Mad Men, I must confess, I'm just addicted to reading Tom and Lorenzo's analyses of the clothes on the programme on their blog, Project Rungay. Anyway, British Vogue has run a news story on the Mad Men eBay auction in aid of a Californian charity. There's a lot of furniture up for grabs, although that's not really the sort of thing that interests me – if I had to have office furniture, it would have to be 1930s streamline. However, there is a trio of dresses, one each for Joan, Betty and Bobbie Barrett. Unsurprisingly Joan's is currently the one with the highest price.

Reading these analyses has sent me off on a bit of a 1960s tangent. I'm not so fond of a lot of the more casual clothing, but I do love the early 1960s evening dresses and suits, and the flowerpot hats. Still, my heart is still somewhere around 1932...


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