A delivery of old knitting magazines

A box of old knitting patterns.

A couple of weeks ago a former colleague of mine from when I worked on Simply Knitting got in touch with me to ask if I'd like a batch of vintage knitting magazines and patterns. I didn't need to think twice – of course I wanted them! And so this week a box of treasure arrived. 

The items included a number of issues of Stitchcraft. Some are duplicates of ones I already own, but others will fill in holes within my collection. Even if I don't make things from them, I do sometimes find it very relaxing just to get a few issues out and read through them.  

A black-and-white pattern showing two ladies in Aran cardigans.

There were also a lot of pattern leaflets in the box. I doubt I'll make any of the childrens' patterns, but my Aran cardigan looks like it's coming to the end of its life (I've had it for at least 30 years; a friend of my mum knitted it for me and knitted it large as I liked wearing things oversized back then, so while I've grown I've never outgrown it.) There is a number of nice aran patterns in the box, and between those and some a lady sent me a few years ago I'm sure to have a suitable design to make a replacement. These two cardis are great, though I prefer a V-neck as it works better with my existing clothes (and oversized bust).

One particular issue of Stitchcraft caught my eye. February 1963 was photographed in and around Bath, where I work. A few of the more picturesque local villages feature, but not Trowbridge – Trow was still a factory town then, and doubtless far too industrial for this sort of feature. The Royal Crescent doesn't look much different now. I quite like that blue dress, too. It looks like it'd be nice and warm and easy to wear – a bit of a 'jammy dress', to nick a phrase from Sheila.

Anyway, that's my big excitement of the week. Stay safe, and wrap up warm! 

The back of Stitchcraft Feb 1963, showing a woman in a knitted bouclet suit posing outside Lansdown Crescent in Bath.


  1. Oh what an interesting set of patterns! I loved the 'jammy' dress pattern, too. Especially the fur trim. The patterns reminded me so much of when I had a Saturday job in 1969-1971 in a little shop that sold wool and knitting patterns amongst other items. We had to bind the patterns into big plastic covered albums and then when someone wanted a particular pattern find it in a filing cabinet....those were the days!

  2. I love those old Stitchcraft magazines, the first image is gorgeous and how fab is that lady in Bath?
    I bought an Aran cardi from a chazza on Sunday and absolutely love it. I struggle with garter stitch, it would take a lifetime (and possibly more) to attampt anything remotely wearable unlike clever and talented you! xxx

  3. What a lovely thing to receive, Mim. Even I - a definite not-knitter - wouldn't mind having a browse through such magazines. Love the Bath setting of that 1963 magazine! xxx

  4. Ooh, you should totally knit yourself a jammy dress, Mim (thanks for the shout-out!).

  5. woww, totally understand that excitement around old magazines and fabulousness!, they're really inspiring!. Love the blue 'jammy dress' ;DD

  6. Plenty of hairdo and makeup inspiration in those magazines as well.


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