A fortnight!

Really, has it been a fortnight since I last posted? Yes, yes it has. So what thrilling adventures have Mr Robot and I been having? Why, none whatsoever!

I leave the house literally once a week, when we go to Devizes to do our butcher shop. We seem to be less worried about things than a lot of people I know online, but then all the shops round here are being very good at enforcing social distancing, and it feels fairly safe. The West Country's been less affected by Covid-19 than a lot of areas; I suspect it's when we venture further afield we'll really start to see the impact.

Having said all that, I'm back on my anxiety medication fulltime. Everyone constantly saying, "It's normal to feel anxious right now, that's okay," was actually the opposite of what I needed. I needed someone to say "You're going to be feeling even more anxious than usual, so take your pills." I've been on them again for about a week and a half and I'm definitely better adjusted, though the amount of stress-driven cooking and housework has declined. I'm holding down a full-time job; I'm not going to be super-housewife as well.

Even so, the house and garden are a bit nicer than they'd usually be. Mr Robot ordered a flatpack cabinet to store the bottles and other tat that was littering the bathroom, and now the room looks really lovely. We're thinking of getting an airplant or some sort of bromeliad to hang from a hook in the ceiling there. I suggested putting glass shelves on one wall for orchids, but he reckons that'd make the room seem too small.

Flowers are starting to come out in the garden, and all my seeds are sprouting nicely, though the snails did get one of my pots, the rotters. That's why I take a belt-and-braces approach and put some seedlings in plastic tubs indoors – then if the snails get the outdoor ones, I can slot a larger plant in later. Other wildlife's been out and about too, and we're regularly having to rescue slow-worms from the cats. They're lovely little beasties and so gentle, and they eat slugs – I do wish the cats would leave the poor things alone!
I am starting to get a little fed up of lockdown, though I appreciate why it's necessary and I'm certainly not going to break it. Really, I just want to be able to go to the gym again; I'm going to look like a beach ball by the time all this is over. (I am not dieting right now.) Ah well. We are lucky, really: we're both still working fulltime, our families are healthy, and we have a nice little house with its own outdoor space. I have friends in flats who'd love to be able to sit outside. Guess I should make the most of that...

Stay safe!


  1. Lovely positive attitude, Mim. And the gin helps, lol!

    How brilliant to have slow worms. I've never seen on in the flesh so to speak; but they look beautiful.

    I think we're all getting a little tired of the lock down and I'm sure by next weeks deadline (7th May) some easing of restrictions will be announced.

    Take care

  2. Has it been two weeks? I can't believe how quickly the time passes these days.
    The thought of going to a town centre seems to alien to me, the Black Country is a bit of a viral hotspot and although the people I know who've contracted coronavirus have lived to tell the tale I don't fancy tempting fate.
    Your garden looks lovely and your belt and braces approach to those evil snails sounds like one we should adopt, I bet those slimy sods will be out in force now it's raining.
    That sloeworm is gorgeous and is it wrong to be fancying a G&T at 9am on a Tuesday morning? Our bar doesn't open until tomorrow nght! xxx

  3. You'd never expect time to pass quickly during these times, but it does! It's becoming quite a blur too, at least it is to me. I blame this on my strange schedule of only having to go into the office on Mondays and Wednesdays. Other than that, I've only went to the village shop once or twice, and a very welcome trip to the garden centre. Jos does a big shop for drinks on Tuesday and to the supermarket on Thursday. I don't really miss going into town at all. Aren't snails and slugs the devil? Having slow worms is brilliant - I don't think I ever saw one around here. Not sure what Phoebe would do if she came across one! xxx

  4. I don't know what day of the week it is or how long we've been lockdowning! As my partner is shielding I'm going out as little as possible. We have a house with a garden which is great, but live in a town centre & there are folk everywhere (much less than usual, but we live very near the food shops). I attempted a couple of walks, but can't avoid people so limiting my forays outside to the chemist & anything we can't get delivered. It does seem really strange though & I guess in the main we've all adapted, but yes it's not at all good for anxiety. Our civil partnership was cancelled which was a shame, but it's not like we'd booked marquees. So making the best of it, after all that rambling!

  5. We got a bathroom cabinet too, and I am amazed at how it tidies things up! Small things. Your garden is looking lovely, very inviting, I like the big green patio umbrella. Tanqueray Sevilla is a good choice for drinks Al fresco!

    Glad you're feeling better on the meds, we've all got more stress in our buckets but some of us were starting out with a higher level in the first place.


  6. Your garden is looking lovely. Ian opened my little cold frame and didn't tell me so it was left open overnight and a rogue slug got in there and gorged itself, I wish I had thought to have a contingency planting plan! yes the lockdown eating is not good...

  7. Time passes quickly as days are indistinguishable from each other, so I try to make something memorable on weekends, like having a cocktail and aperitives!. Saturday tapas!.
    Actually, slugs are the only bug that my plants have still not been plagued by. I want to plant more geraniums and hope that they would survive this time!
    I've been feeling really lucky too, as both we have a work, our families are healthy (this is really important!) and we live in a quite roomy flat with a balcony. And we have a computer, internet and central heating!. La Dolce Vita!.

  8. That snake is a beauty! I have gained some weight too - let's cut ourselves some slack, since we're in a crazy time! Hugs to you, my dear!


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