That was Easter, right?

A red-haired woman in a low-cut black dress, and a man staring down her cleavage
The long Easter weekend is coming to a close... and it's been extra long for Mr Robot and I as we took an extra couple of days off. So what have we been doing? I've been listening to vintage radio shows – early noughties recordings of 1920s The Saint stories, and 1960s recordings of one of John Creasey's Inspector West books. It's quite interesting hearing how people then thought the voices should sound, as compared to how I read the novels.

I'm also trying to read a 1920s crime novel, but my brain's not quite fixing on it, and I tend to pick it up just before falling asleep so I haven't got very far with it!

Like a lot of people we've been cooking well. To be honest, we cook well most of the time and tend to have well-stocked cupboards, so things like the Great Flour Stockpiling passed us by. It wasn't till this week, when we needed gram flour and Tesco had completely sold out, that I realised just how many people had been buying flour. I guess a lot of them are doing home baking to keep their kids occupied. We haven't actually had any difficulty getting anything else; our milkman still brings the milk twice a week, the vegbox delivery comes on Wednesday as usual, and our butcher is fully stocked too. We have to go to Tesco for cat food about once a fortnight, and queueing for an hour to get into the socially-distanced supermarket on Saturday was quite a surreal experience.

One of the best things of the week was these samosas Mr Robot made. The filling is pea and potato, and the dip is tamarind-based.
A plate with four samosas on. One is broken in half to show the potato and pea filling.
I did watch the Miss Fisher movie on Friday night, but didn't like it much. That said, I'd been on the rum that afternoon, so I shall give the film a sober rewatch at some point. Hopefully the costumes will be less irksome the second time round – I do get a bit narked when modern programmes show 1920s dresses as fitted and slinky. Anyway, I did put on my Edwardian necklace for the occasion, as the photo proves. (Mr Robot is appreciating my NECKLACE. Yes he is.)
A sewing machine foot going over some fabric
Something I won't be putting on for any occasion for a while is the shirt dress I've been making as I don't have buttons for it. It's also a bit too tight. The shoulders are fine, and the waist is okay, but it could do with another inch in the bust. To be honest, it's still closer to fitting properly than any shirtdress I could buy, and I'm hoping that if I hit the gym and stick to salads once lockdown ends, it'll be wearable. I'm a bit upset that it doesn't quite fit, especially as the bodice I mocked up seemed to, but I did have to make a lot of adjustments to the pattern: the shoulders are two sizes smaller than the waist (I'm quite small-boned) and then the bust had to be taken from a D-cup to a GG-cup in between. So really, getting this close is a pretty good achievement.  When the buttons arrive we'll see how close I got.

A tabby cat looking very smug on the edge of a roof.Other than that, it's been housework, ponking about in the garden, and rather a lot of Animal Crossing on my Nintendo Switch. I do like Animal Crossing. It's a happy little game, and unlike in real life, I don't need to shout at the animals to GET OFF NEXT DOOR'S ROOF.


  1. You have been busy!

    Such a shame about your dress but I bet it will look fine once it's on.

    Mr Robot seems very appreciative of your necklace...

    Stay safe and sane, Mim!

  2. What is that kitty doing up there? I laughed at the photo and then your note - I'm SURE Mr. Robot is looking at your necklace! ha ha!

    I watched a good movie that was set in the 20s you might like: Vita & Victoria (it's about two women - one of whom is Virginia Woolf - and their love affair). The clothing is amazing, especially the long (not tight!) slinky dresses, some amazing wide-legged Chanel-ish trousers, incredible hats, and some fabulous coats/wraps in that huge cocoon style. It looks very authentic - didn't enjoy the movie as much as (it really wanted to be a good movie), but worth it for the acting and costumes.

    Sorry to hear about your dress not quite fitting. I have lost a bit of weight due to the pandemic, as I'm not able to pick up as many treats when I'm only shopping once a week. Your shopping experience doesn't sound fun - I've been trying to go to the grocery store only once a week, and during the week/day has been fine, with no line-ups.

    Hope you had a lovely long weekend, Mim!

  3. I'm glad you clarified what the mister was admiring! Beautiful necklace, really elegant. You do akways cook well, I am always impressed with your home cooking, it always looks delicious!

    What a shame about the dress, it's so frustrating when something still isn't quite right after putting in such effort. It sounds wearable though - hope to see a pic when it's finished x

  4. Racy photo!
    Sometimes a change of bra is enough of a fix for shirtdresses. Worth a go.

  5. That first photo made me chuckle. I'm sure Mr. Robot was very impressed with your ... necklace :-) Those samosas look delicious! Queuing for one hour at the supermarket sounds horrible, though. So glad Jos can go to a smaller one during the week. So far, he didn't have to queue once. It's a shame about the shirtdress, but I do tend to agree with Goody on the change of bra. I've got a few dresses I can only wear with a certain bra. Oh, naughty kitty, so glad Phoebe isn't that adventurous! xxx

  6. Somebody is very impressed with that pendant, aren't they?
    Look at that naughty cat, they're so embarrasing. I still keep laughing about the man next door ringing us as he was worried that frank hadn't been round for his breakfast for a few days. they must think we starve him.
    What a shame the dress isn't quite right, hopefully the buttons will sort any issue out.
    I wish i could smash the screen and get one of those samosas - yum! xxx

  7. Certainly Mr.Robot is admiring your necklace! ;DD
    Glad that you keep on cooking well, those samosas look delicious! It's amazing to see so many people obsessed with buying flour and baking powder, it's the new thing!. (I'm not running short of any of them, as I also cook well and have plenty of products at home!)
    Sorry that the shirt dress doesn't fit as expected, but not that bad if it fits you better than anything you could buy. This often happens!


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