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Less than a fortnight till Slow Fashion Season ends, and I’m slightly surprised I’m going to make it. Well, I’m sort of going to make it – My Retro Closet launched a range of retro lingerie in spiderweb lace and I knew it’d sell out in days, so I have paid for that. However, I think buying for a fair price from a one-person studio is within the spirit of the season, and as my babydoll won’t be with me till SFS ends does it count as an acquisition yet? What I definitely have stuck with, which is what the whole thing was aimed at, is avoided fast fashion purchases.

I used to keep a spreadsheet of what I’d been wearing. When I was getting more into vintage, and later when my style shifted a bit, it helped me work out what gaps there were in my wardrobe, reminded me of what I already owned, and helped stop me making silly purchases. After all, it makes more sense to get more of the things you wear loads, right, and to make sure you buy good-quality versions of those things? It’s funny how the ‘everyday’ items are the ones that tend to get skimped on, when they’re the ones other people see most. That fell by the wayside a couple of years ago, but I restarted it for Slow Fashion Season.

My spreadsheet did have a couple of surprises for me. Things I thought I never wore get more outings than I’d realised (possibly because I get them out thinking ‘I never wear that’) and things I love but feel I wear constantly have only had a couple of wears in the past month. Maybe my love for them makes wearing them more significant, or I save them for more memorable days. Around a third of my worn clothes are me-made, vintage or secondhand*, and my dresses and shoes are most likely to have made it to 30+ wears (though I’ll be working on getting everything I’ve owned from new to that level, weight fluctuations permitting).

I’m currently packing for my annual wedding anniversary holiday. No surprises in the suitcase; everything I’m taking will be things you’ve seen before. There’s a certain comfort in that: I know everything’s going to fit, and I know it’ll all look good together. And if I run short of clothes, Slow Fashion Season will be over and they have shops in France. I wonder how many more countries these garments will visit…

Did you do Slow Fashion Season? Are you going to make it to the end?

*Let’s not talk about the unworn vintage that’s too small but I can’t bear to part with!


  1. Oo enjoy your wedding anniversary holiday! We just had ours in West Wales. You've done so well with slow fashion season, the spiderweb purchase seems entirely justifiable to me! x

  2. I wouldn't feel too guilty, Mim, as I think you're absolutely right. Buying from a one-person company can hardly be considered fast fashion! Besides, I'm sure you would have been gutted if it would have been sold out. I did make it through SFS without too many hick-ups. I did buy Clarks sandals on sale while on holiday, but we solved that by Jos buying them for me ;-) And I bought a pair of sandals one lunch break as the shoes I was wearing were hurting me so much I would have had to go home barefoot otherwise ... Do you know that, before I was blogging, I was already reading your blog and once started a spreadsheet too? Hope you're having a most wonderfully relaxing holiday! xxx

  3. Happy Anniversary to you both! Have a wonderful time in France.

  4. Happy Anniversary and happy holidays!! I've packed today and it all feels real...eekkkk!
    You've done brilliantly with your challenge and the purchase is entirely justified. Can't wait to see it when it arrives. xxx

  5. Have a wonderful holiday! I sort of did SFS in that I didn't know about it at first but once I did I joined.

  6. Well done, Mim! Liking the sound of that lingerie....

  7. Didn't see the last bit - trying to catch up with everyone's blogs but happy anniversary and have a wonderful time in France!

  8. Oh, a little jaunt over to France, very FANCY! Happy anniversary, and have an awesome time!

    I've been doing Slow Fashion Season and it's mostly same ol', same ol' for me: second hand shopping, shopping ethically (as you have done, good job!) and very, very rarely buying new anything. I loathe fast fashion (I can't even walk into those stores - they reek of plastic and gassing synthetics, ugh).

    Your lingerie sounds luscious! Sexay! Enjoy it on your vacay! ;-P


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