Christmas swag

 I hope you had a great Christmas! I've been a terribly lazy pudding and have done very little, but given how hectic the first part of December was, I think I've earned it. Considering my extremely basic outfit this morning, which didn't even include jewellery or perfume, I thought: Goody and Vix would NOT approve of this, and then I thought: but they're big on dressing to please onesself, and if I want to spend a week in slobwear, they'd probably say, 'Go forth and slob, O Mim.'

As always I got thoroughly spoiled, though I didn't get so much vintage stuff this year.

I did get some fab books from my mum and her partner, and my brother and his girlfriend (hoorah for Amazon wishlists). Never Had It So Good is a history book covering the late 50s and early 60s. I don't know much about that period, so hopefully it will be edumacational. (I wasn't very impressed with the BBC's version of Agatha Christie's Witness For the Prosecution this Christmas; perhaps someone should start sending them the British Library's reissued classic crime novels with the suggestion that they make those rather than try to turn Aggie's works into Peaky Blinders.) My dad and stepmother gave me a brilliant mug with a retro robot on it. I'd been eyeing up Jay's Robotique and Cosmos ranges for ages so Dad's choice of mug was spot-on. I don't usually keep packaging, but that robot box is too good to get rid of. Sticking out of the mug you can see the retro-print lavender bag Cate sent me. That will be keeping my coats fresh from now on!

Most of what Mr Robot got me was modern – a bottle of Ormonde Jayne Tsarina perfume was the biggie – or food-related. The latter included a Fortnum and Mason teatowel and cookbook. I don't know if people outside the UK know of Fort Noms; founded in 1707 they've been grocer to every monarch since Queen Anne, and are noted for top-notch food. Not fancy, but the best possible quality. (They also have a superb perfume department on the top floor.) The recipes in this book are mostly for classics, and are fairly plain. They're the sort of recipe where good ingredients are critical, because there's nowhere for anything substandard to hide. I already have plenty of books dealing with classics, but what makes the book interesting is the double-page pieces on how Fortnums has done things, whether that's the ice-cream parlour of the 1950s, or the hampers and picnic baskets beloved by the Victorians. It's packed with illustrations from the Fortnum and Mason catalogues of the 1930s and 1950s too.

He also got me a toasting fork and two packets of crumpets to toast on our living room fire. Well, who doesn't want a bit of crumpet at Christmas?

And now I'm going to visit your blogs to see what goodies your loved ones gave you, and what you've been up to.


  1. Yes - all hail to Amazon wishlists!

    Your Christmas presents look fab.

    I actually enjoyed 'Witness for the Prosecution'. It is based on a short story of Agatha Christie, I believe; I haven't read it but I bet it bears little resemblance to the TV version.

    What annoyed me was the perpetual bloody fog/mist throughout most of the two episodes. I know London had a bad smog problem up until the Clean Air Act in the mid to late 1950s (I remember my first day at school in 1958 walking in thick choking smog) but was I pleased when the light changed!

  2. I went out this morning wearing a ratty hoodie and waders, so no lectures from me! Your leisure time=your rules.

    Oh, we know all about Forntum and Mason. Can't afford anything from them, but I know all about 'em! Sounds like a fun book.

    A toasting fork sounds like a fine gift to celebrate the new fireplace.

    I hope you enjoy your time off work, and have a wonderful new year.

  3. You have got a lovely haul there. I agree about Witness for the Prosecution very disappointing. It was just about the only thing I got to watch as well, bah.

  4. Yes, you've earned the right not to dress up unless you really want to, you'll get no complaints from me (unless you left the house in grey jogging bottoms, which I seriously doubt!)
    What a fab lot of goodies, you did do well.
    I should really watch that Agatha Christie thingy as one of my friends is in it! xxx

  5. Well of course you can be a slob for a day, if that's what you feel inclined to. What fab presents you got, Mim. I wouldn't mind having a look at that Never Had it so Good book. The cookbook looks great too ... of course I know about Fort Noms, just didn't know you called it that. Oh, and I've been quite a lazy pudding too. That's what the Christmas hols are for! xxx

  6. thats great stuff i love the lobster on the cookbook like every year i got all star trek stuff including the 2 volume encyclopedia which weighs about 50 lbs

  7. Good to hear you had a lovely Christmas. I had one full on pj day and it was great! I have that Dominic Sandbrook book to read this year, it was a great find in a charity shop and sounds so interesting.

  8. Good to hear you were spoilt! Happy New Year!! X

  9. Go forth and slob Mim! I love it. So funny. I have to confess I have regular slob occurrences, but I rebrand them as anti-vanity days, because we all need to stay grounded!! Well, that's my excuse... Well what a good stash you got there! Lovely perfume and crumpets sounds perfect to me! Xxx

  10. Such lovely gifts! Huzzah for wish lists indeed, though my mother thinks people don't really want what's on their wish lists! A toasting fork is such a fab gift! xxx


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