Crinoline Robot's unfestive week

I'm an up-and-down person and of late I've been very much UP, which means bagloads of energy and enthusiasm for everything. Frankly, in December I need it. Last week I was very grateful for it as I'd got loads of stuff done and then got ill – I suspect norovirus. Oddly, I didn't feel that bad in myself – aside from the horrible stomach problems, it wasn't as physically sapping as a cold – but there was no way I was venturing outside the house. (Last Thursday night I spent some time lying on the bathroom floor as I figured it wasn't worth leaving the room to go back to bed!) Anyway, the fact that I was ahead of myself on the shopping-and-organising front meant being confined to home wasn't such a problem, and I was able to fire up the laptop and work from home a bit too, so I wasn't letting my team down.

I had recovered by Saturday, which was good as I went to Dulcie Demure's burlesque panto, The Queen of Neverminditsnamia. There were prizes for the best dressed, but I played it safe and wore a cobalt blue pencil dress (very Joan!) with the brooch and bracelet from my very nicest vintage jewellery set. I'm always scared of chipping the enamel, but it seems daft to have it and never wear it, plus I know how to repair vintage enamel jewellery. I also had a good squirt of Fracas because the perfume inspired by Rita Hayworth in Gilda seemed most appropriate for the occasion.

Dulcie had had a genuine family tragedy not long before the show, but performed despite that. She'd worked for weeks on the costumes and routines, and also didn't want to let her audience down. She's a real trooper, and the panto was fantastic, all her hard work really paid off. My favourite act was Velveteen Hussey, who disguised herself as a Prince (complete with smuggled sausages!) but was unmasked, to the tune of Adam and the Ants' 'Prince Charming', though three Renaissance portraits unrobing to 'All About that Bass' was jolly funny too.

I managed to get some presents bought and others posted, though I don't think I'll finish the thing I'm making for Mum in time to go in the last post for Christmas so I've had to buy something and will send her her hand-made present when it's done. I've also read some Christmassy vintage crime novels, which I hope to share with you later in the week.

Are you doing much festive stuff at the mo, or are you still building up to it, like me? Must confess, I'm now not even 100% convinced I'll go to the work party, though I have ironed my dress...


  1. Oh that sounds nasty glad to here you are feeling better now though! Your jewellery is really gorgeous I am glad to here that you got to take it out for a spin that panto sounds pretty wonderful too!

    I am really struggling with Christmas spirit this year, its probably due to not overstretching myself with loads of gift making this year, with out the panic of a deadline it still feels like its ages away, I am sure an evening watching festive films will sort that out!

  2. Love that jewellery and glad you're feeling better Mim.
    We transformed our living room into a mini Vegas last night so that was pretty festive! Myself and Andy agreed that if you're going to decorate for Christmas then you should decorate for Christmas, we don't do things by halves! We have two trees in the same room, Elvis Tree and Elderly Tree. Oh and if you count Itty Bitty Tree that's three xxx

  3. Oh dear, norovirus is no way to start the holiday season. Glad you're feeling better.

    I struggle with wanting to preserve things by not using them. In the end, I usually end up wearing them...very gently. I have a few dresses that fall apart a bit more with each wear, but I can't really enjoy them boxed away either. That's a beautiful set in the photo-I'd be protective of it as well.

    I love that you wore Fracas!

  4. I hope you are feeling much better now, I love your jewellery set you should definitely wear it more!

    I think I am done with my shopping, (my bank account is definitely done with shopping) and I have written some cards but otherwise I feel panic creeping over me.

  5. Gorgeous, gorgeous jewellery set, I really love enamel items! Sorry to hear you've been poorly, but sounds like you've beaten it now and being so organised has helped on the Christmas front. I have finished my Christmas shopping today, woo! Not feeling that festive at home because of the DIY splash zone encompassing 90% of the house. Wish that panto was showing in Cardiff, sounds like just the thing to get me feeling Christmassy! x

  6. I hope that you are feeling much better now. The pants sounds like lots of fun. I am starting to feel Christmassy, I have been stitching felt tree decorations and enjoyed them so much it put me in a festive mood.

    1. Getting there! I think I have so much to do in early December, by the time Christmas rolls round it's just another 'deadline' to hit - I need to relax a bit and enjoy it more.

      The felt decorations sound lovely. I've been thinking of making some to give to people next year.


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