GOOD news for lovers of old-school perfume!

Amazingly, for once I've got some GOOD news for anyone who loves older perfumes. Guerlain Mitsouko, my absolute favourite perfume, and the one that got me into perfume in the first place (mainly because I was so upset at its reformulation, and so went exploring other options) has been tweaked and apparently the current iteration is very good. I've read it on two different, respected perfume blogs and plan to look into it for myself.

Raiders of the Lost Scent did a comparison of Mitsouko from various time periods, and has some useful information on batch numbers.

I'm very pleased about this as I recently cracked open my last hoarded bottle and was thinking I'd have to say goodbye to Mitsy for good. I shall be stocking up later this year.

Also on the good news front, the Jean Patou is being relaunched, as far as perfumes go, and some of its older fragrances are being relaunched, including 1927's Chaldee. How the new version will compare to the original, based around the scent of one of the first western tanning oils, remains to be seen, but I'd regard it as a good move. (Patou's long-discontinued Colony is another one of my favourites - here's hoping that will be hitting the shelves in the future too.)


  1. It's always annoying when they do that to things, especially when they ruin it. I have never smelled Mitsouko. Not much of a scent wearer due to funny skin etc but I have been pleasantly surprised by some I found in M & S of all places. Was idly passing time a while ago and found a few I actually liked and that smelled ok on me. One a lovely violet one in a gorgeous bottle and box.
    The Body Shop used to do a line called Seduction which was patchouli based and I loved that but it was discontinued, and I wish Goya still existed or they'd they'd bring back Aqua Manda, and Black Rose and Gardenia. They had lovely bottles too.
    The only other thing I like is Karma from Lush.

    1. Mitsouko doesn't appeal to a lot of modern wearers as the moss content makes it smell 'musty' to noses more used to today's 'clean' notes, but among perfume nuts it's generally ranked very highly - even people who don't like it appreciate the artistry involved in making it.

      It must be a sod having skin that 'turns' perfume; I have a friend who can't wear anything. Aqua Manda had a big cult following, but I think old bottles are hard to come by now - it could be worth keeping an eye on US Ebay or Etsy for it.

  2. I discovered that it has actually been brought back, cue squeal of excitement! They insist it is the same mix, done by same guy etc, but a sniff later and no, it's absolutely nothing like, hugely disappointed. The citrus just isn't there, almost to the point of being completely missing and that stuff is firmly locked into my memory bank.


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