Knitting progress, Poirot and making connections

Joining in Tasha’s 1940s knitalong was a jolly good move. I think I’ve made more progress on my navy cardigan recently than I have in months. I have a half-hour commute each way to work, and while it’s dark at night, in the morning it’s light enough for me to fit a few rows in. I’m a slow knitter, so any extra knitting time is very welcome. My current aim is to be able to wear my cardigan by Christmas. Tasha’s set up a Ravelry group for the knitalong so I’ve joined that.

I’m slowly coming out of my wardrobe rut. I think being ill had a lot to do with my mood as I haven’t got anything new to wear but I’m feeling much more positive anyway. I had a whizz round the charity shops last weekend, but didn’t find anything I wanted. I nearly bought a couple of pleated wool skirts, but had to remind myself that it’s either expensive to get them dry cleaned or a faff to wash them (see my instructions for how to clean a dry-clean-only pleated skirt). I’ve still got one sitting in the laundry basket waiting for me to clean it, I don’t need two more!

Another thing that’s lifted my mood, generally better health aside, is the return of iconic 90s show The X-Files to my telly. One of the cable channels has been broadcasting the show from the first episode. Back in the 1990s I loved The X-Files. I even loved it when Mulder and Scully left and Dogget and Reyes took over in the early noughties. However, rewatching it is making me realise just how very good that first season was. There’s not a weak episode in the bunch. Scarily, Scully’s wardrobe is also making me aware of how much influence the 90s had on my personal tastes, especially my minimalist impulses and love of plummy lip colour. Could be worse, I suppose - what will the young’uns of the noughties carry forward, taste-wise?

On the subject of telly, it’s weird to think that Poirot has ended. Bruce Partington-Plans has written about the final series of Poirot extremely well, so I shan’t repeat what he said, but it will be sorely missed. I enjoyed the programme, but also loved the fact that so many other people did too, and it was something we could all share. I’m not sure if there’s anything that has lasted long enough and been watched widely enough to have the same impact. Watching Poirot, I never felt I was watching alone (okay, Mr Robot was always there, but you know what I mean) because I knew Gemma (Retro Chick) and Bruce and loads of other people would be watching it too. I don’t get out and about much, so it’s one of the few times when I felt properly connected to other people in vintageland.

On which note, are you planning to watch BBC2’s Cold War season? I’m looking forward to the documentary tonight, but anticipating even more eagerly Romola Garai in the 1970s-set drama Legacy at the end of the month. She was brilliant in The Hour, and I love a good espionage thriller, so here’s hoping Legacy has a decent script. It’ll give me something to knit along to...


  1. What pattern are you making your cardigan from? I have just watched the second of Dominic Sandbrook's Cold War programmes, I am finding them fascinating and learning quite a bit too! The trailer for Legacy looks good, definitely one to watch.

    1. It's one from Knit With Norbury, which I believe dates from the late 40s or early 50s. I made my blue jumper from that book, too - I have to resize the patterns, but the designs are so nice it's worth it.

      I'm enjoying the Sandbrook programmes, too. I'd disagree with his interpretation of certain events, but they are all very interesting. I'm annoyed the BBC haven't made more of the stuff they're showing on BBC4; it was only by flicking through the channels that I realised they're re-showing Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, and we nearly missed a great documentary on Kim Philby, too.

  2. Thanks for the mention Mim, very kind of you! Yes, I know exactly what you mean - I don't get out as much as I should either and I always imagined yourself, or Tupps, or Porcelina, watching the latest episodes (or the DVDs, or the repeats on ITV3!) along with me. I love that aspect of Poirot/vintage blogging and am glad to know I'm not alone.

    I watched the two Cold War Jets programmes that were on recently and found them quite interesting. My mum was round when one of them was on and we got talking about her experiences as a teenager growing up in the 1960s and it was just as interesting as the programme. For example she remembers seeing the (now famous) footage of the massive military parades the Russians would put on and thinking how powerful they must have been and the worrying uncertainty of not knowing what they might do!

    1. I haven't got round to watching Cold War Jets, I'll try to see it on catchup. My dad was in the Air Force so I remember being more frightened of the IRA than the Russians while growing up, but my husband grew up on the Norfolk coast and remembers the air raid sirens going off (for drills) on the air/missile bases there.

    2. I missed most of them so will have to either watch on i player, which I hate, or buy the DVDs.
      My husband was glued to the Cold War Jets though, having been disappointed of his pilot ambitions due to colour blindness, anything like this makes him sniff the air.


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