Par-taaaay on a boat

Last weekend Mr Robot and I went to York. Annie, owner of Able Grable, had organised a party on a boat. There would be nibbles and music and costumes, and I'd never been to York, so how could we not go? (By happy coincidence, the trip was at the same time as the Great Gathering was happening at the National Railway Museum, I'll have more on that for you later in the week.)

There were lots of Annie and Bruce's families there, plus Helen from Pin-Up Parade with her partner, Gordon, and burlesque performer Darkteaser, who did a fan dance later in the evening. Helen was wearing an 'Avril' dress from her own Swagger Joint range. I've had my eye on these for a while, and it looks really lovely when you see it for real - made from very high-quality fabric, and hangs beautifully. She mentioned that she's able to do them in some other colours to order, too, which was good to know. Darkteaser wore an Able Grable Dream Girl 1932. I've got exactly the same style in the same colour, so was very glad I didn't wear mine! I'd been considering it right until the last minute, but would never have looked as good as Darkteaser did in hers. Fashion faux-pas avoided... Annie wore a splendid Dorothy outfit, complete with chestnut curls, ruby slippers and a little Toto in a basket. It was fantastic to meet them all, and I really hope to meet them all again at some point.

But enough wittering, what you really want to see is some photos, right?

Our hostess! I loved the Dorothy outfit, it was such fun

Everyone loved the bubbles.

Bruce's dad in his awesome disco costume

ARRRR! Be it Cap'n Hook, or be it Bruce?

Gordon blowing bubbles. Mr Robot thought Gordon had a very cool outfit

Helen. I didn't mention the fab hat earlier, did I? Look at it! It has diamante on the back too.

Me. I dressed fairly simply

All photos copyright PP Gettins, AKA Mr Robot. Nick 'em and the scary jester will come for you...


  1. looks great fun, and Pete did a great job of the photos (unsurprisingly!)

    1. It was a last-minute thing as a pro dropped out. I haven't put all the photos up as I thought kids and family would want to remain private. (One little boy came dressed as Harry Potter!)

  2. What fun! I really wanted to go to York railway museum when I saw who was going to be there. We saw Bittern a year or two ago, I believe she was pulling the coach we were on.

    1. I *love* Bittern, it's my favourite! I saw it puffing past the office once and it was the most beautiful train ever. Must've been great going for a ride pulled by it.

  3. That looks like so much fun, and I love that turquoise colour on you.

    1. Thanks! I've been trying to work out what colours work on me. It's hard being a former goth... So far I've settled on 'warm ones' and not got much further than that.

  4. Replies
    1. It was aces - I think she's planning a really big party next year.

  5. Was hilarious and I thank you from the bottom of my heart - I am just back to blogging now after a long respite!

    I have indeed booked the big 40 and I shall invite you all again. 5th July 2014 same time same place!!

    Lots of love xx


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