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A redheaded white woman in teal jeans, an olive top, and a navy kimono top over it with a pattern of white, turquoise and salmon pink flowers and chaffinches.

Hmm... the last time I stuck a photo of myself on this blog, it was in virtually the same outfit. Well, at least you can tell I like it. These are teal velvet jeans and a longsleeved olive top; last time they were navy velvet jeans and a sleeveless lighter olive top, but you'd have to be paying a lot of attention to my wardrobe to spot the difference. I'm not one of these people who wears stuff and gets rid of it anyhow – that seems so odd to me. I like my clothes, I want to keep enjoying them. That's why I have far too many things I can't wear, because I've hung on to all sorts of things I've outgrown. 

That said, I've got retainers now. Invisalign, to straighten my teeth. (The problematic bottom ones were twisting and causing me pain, so I finally decided to so something about the whole lot.) I can't eat with the retainers in, so they've essentially stopped me snacking, and I've shed almost all of my lockdown gains. It's so nice looking in my wardrobe at those old favourites, and thinking, "Next summer, dress, we are hitting the town!"

I went to see my pal Sam in London on the 29th and despite TUBE CHAOS (every line through Whitechapel was out of action) it was fab. I haven't seen her in person since before lockdown, but we get on so well it felt like no time at all had elapsed, and we talked for absolutely hours. If you're ever looking for a good vegan place in the city, Sen Viet in Hoxton is a vegan Vietnamese restaurant, and even a dedicated omnivore like me would cheerfully go back there. 

A string of little ghost-shaped lights draped over a clock shaped like a gothic arch covered in gargoyles.

Halloween's been and gone, and with it a special dinner. We began with pina coladas (inspired by the line in the song 'Werewolves Of London' "I saw a werewolf drinking a pina colada at Trader Vic's – his hair was perfect"), them moved on to a starter of sausage mummies from M&S, a main course of paprika hendl (which Jonathan Harker enjoyed in Transylvania in Dracula), and a pudding of lemon possett with fennel biscotti made by Mr Robot (not remotely spooky, but extremely good). The pina coladas were my first duff cocktail, which I'm putting down to using bought ice, which never crushes like the home-frozen sort, and coconut milk instead of just the thick cream off the top. Still, the rest of it was good, especially the paprika hendl (basically a chicken and paprika stew, which we had with black spaghetti) and the possett. 

A pina colada in a margarita glass. In the background is an arrangement of mini pumpkins and orange roses.

After dinner we watched Christine. Apparently someone's making a new adaptation of the novel, and I don't understand that – of all the Stephen King adaptations, that one's just about perfect. Bet the new one won't begin with 'Bad To The Bone' either…

Anyway, now November's here and that means short pre-Christmas deadlines at work (augh!) and having to do most of my Christmas prep this month. To be honest, I'm really not feeling it this year. But I'm going to put in the effort anyhow – by late December I'll probably be in the mood! Today I bought myself a little present too. Isn't this orchid lush? And it's scented. Now I just have to keep it alive.

A purple spotty orchid, with pointed green leaves.

I hope you're getting on okay with the grey, soggy November days!


  1. Well done on shedding almost all your lockdown gains. Seems those retainers will do a double job.
    Love the sound of your Halloween dinner - shame about the pina coladas, but their choice being inspired by that line from Werewolves Of London made me chuckle.
    That orchid is stunning! I don't envy you your pre-Christmas deadlines though. Lately I never get in the mood for Christmas until very late in the day! xxx

  2. That's a magnificent outfit, Mim, all my favourite opulent jewel-like colours. You match that fabulous orchid. I can't get my head round people wearing something once and getting rid of it, they're never right in the head!
    Well done on the weight loss and for investing in yourself with the Invisalign. I've splashed out on tooth whitening at my dentist (he's NHS but offers a few cosmetic treatments) and am loving my smile again!
    I remember eating vegan Vietnamese spring rolls in Malaysia back in the 1990s and loving them. Your Halloween dinner sounded like fun, what an imagination you both have! xxx

  3. Well done you on almost getting back to your pre lock down weight. You are looking fab in your trousers and kimono outfit and you're so right our clothes are there to be worn - all the time...

    I adore that clock (?) and your Halloween menu sounds mouth - wateringly delicious. You always seem to eat such exotic food.

    I hope your deadlines don't become too stressful and I get the not feeling the 'Christmas' vibe. I rarely get it until Christmas Eve!

    The orchid is beautiful.

  4. Velvet jeans are so much nicer than corduroy, I can see why you like them. What a beautiful outfit that is. Good luck with the retainers. It sounds much nicer than dealing with braces.
    Hmmm that chicken dish sounds like something I could make-off to look up a recipe.

  5. I'm not feeling Christmas this year, either - I am going to pass on putting up all my decorations this year. It just feels too exhausting to think of it.

    I love your hair - I have serious hair envy. Sigh. Hooray for fitting into one's clothes! I have been struggling lately (not doing art, so eating my feelings) and am scared to even try on some of my fall stuff.

  6. I love your kimono style top and those colours look gorgeous so why not keep mixing them? I'm glad you had a lovely Halloween. I do hope November isn't too manic.

  7. Love that teal and olive colour combo with the kimono jacket. And totally support the idea of people liking their own clothes and wearing them with joy, instead of getting rid of them.
    I'm keeping myself away from snacks and tapas, and it makes a difference. But still working on it, sometimes feeling frustrated because of my menopausal metabolism!
    besos & suerte


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