Begone, January!

A canal boat on a canal. Behind it are old sandstone buildings.

So, how are you feeling right now? I'm asking because 1: I like you and 2: I've got one foot back in the burnout zone, and I'm honestly not sure if it's an echo of 2020's burnout (which I thought I'd managed to get over last year), menopause, or just the second January running during a pandemic after nearly two years stuck mostly at home. Are we all feeling like this? At any rate, half the time my mood is DO NOT WANT. Unless what's on offer is sitting in front of the telly eating junk food, then okay, don't exactly want, but it's the option I'm prepared to take.

That's just one foot though. I've been trying to make the most of my more upbeat days, partly because fun is fun, and partly because it makes me less hard on myself when I have to have a day slumped in front of the infernal box. Mr Robot and I went for a walk to the next town, Bradford On Avon, which was nice. The canal path was a little dreary as none of the trees or flowers are doing anything right now and the sky was grey, but it was good to get out in the fresh air. Plus our pal Lisa lives in Bradford and met us in the pub there for a cider. The first friend I've seen in the flesh in months.

All that telly and takeaway has put back the weight I've lost but I've kept going to the gym. Only once a week for the past couple of weeks, but I haven't missed a week. I was due to take some progress photos over the weekend and wasn't in the mood, but did it anyway because I knew I'd be annoyed with myself in three months' time if I missed a session. And even though my weight's the same, my shoulders are way less rounded – hoorah, posture! – and my bottom is way more rounded, so that's a win in general. One of the things I've had to learn since 2020 is not to beat myself up about my weight. I'll eat heathily when I can, and go to the gym when I can, but on the days when I really can't, I need to accept that what I need to do is to be kind and gentle with myself, not get angry/sad and tell myself I'm lazy and lacking willpower. That just makes things worse. 

A black box with an orange lining. Inside it's split into little square cells, and there's a pair of earrings in each cell.

I've kept up with my aim of not rewearing a piece of jewellery this year too. Mr Robot gave me a box of very posh chocs for Christmas, so I've repurposed the good-quality box. Previously a lot of my regularly-worn costume jewellery was all together in the little pots of my glass dressing-table set, but now I can see all the different bits more easily, and I've put some less-worn pieces in the box too. At some point I'll cover the box to get rid of the chocolatier's logo on the top, and replace the cardboard cells with sturdier ones.

I've also half kept up with Cocktail Of The Week. Last week's was a Delmonico – brandy, red vermouth, bitters and a cherry. Not my favourite, to be honest. Brandy's not my thing, even with a proper Amarena cherry in. 

And I did some sewing yesterday! For the first time this year. I'd done a full bust adjustment on the pattern for a waistcoat, so I made a toile. The bust point needs dropping by an inch and a half, and the waist taking in a little (consider me amazed). I'll do another toile to check it, but once the pattern's perfect I can make my waistcoat.

Anyway, February's looking better, and not only because the days will be getting longer. We're going to see The Stranglers. Leaving the house. Doing a thing. And then we've also got a couple of nights in London planned, and I've already got tickets for the 1960s boutique exhibition at the Fashion And Textile Museum. It's all going to be great!

A tabby cat fighting a feathery string
Ziggy, being 'helpful' on a work day. And no, we did not eat with that knife, it got washed.

Stay safe, and if you too have the January blues, remember spring's not too far off now.


  1. I'm sure it's a combination of shit weather and 2 years of lock down, Mim. Spring is on its way! How fabulous you're going to see the Stranglers. 'Golden Brown' is one of my all time favourite songs and I may request it payed at my funeral.

    And you have a fashion exhibition booked as well? I'd say you're very well organised for 2022. I'm liking the sound of your waistcoat; taken in waist and all!

    The repurposed chocolate box as jewellery storage is a brilliant idea.

    I liked your furry helper - he looked like he was juggling!

    1. We saw the Stranglers a couple of years ago supporting Alice Cooper and they were so good we said we'd love to see them again. Sadly Dave Greenfield, the keyboard player, died of Covid so this is their last tour.

      Ziggy loves helping. Helping by sitting on keyboards. Helping by sitting on fabric when I'm sewing. So. Much. Helping!

  2. I've been suffering from the January blues as well. I generally do so every year, but being stuck mostly at home for such a long time definitely has a lot to answer for too. I found myself nodding in agreement as I was reading your post, as I do not seem to want either, and actually doing something is taking so much effort. I do know it will pass, but it's not fun.
    Your chocolate box jewellery storage thingie is very clever. I've got something similar to store my brooches. Glad to hear you've been sewing and got things planned for February. xxx

    1. Yes, you've been wading through similar brain-treacle. I'm back in the office three days a week from tomorrow and I'm really hoping it helps a bit (though I'm not looking forward to the commute).

  3. Ziggy looks very ferocious there, great capture!!
    I love driving through Bradford On Avon when we come back from the End of the Road, it's proper posh!
    The Stranglers? How fab that will be. They were our friend Darren's favourite band, the pal who died in 2020 - do raise a plastic glass of cider to him while you're pogoing in the mosh pit!
    That's brilliant that you've been so discliplined with your exercise routine. The weight can happen another timke, the improved posture and self-esteem are far more important. xxx

    1. He's utterly harmless, he's such a weed.

      There's a certain set of Bradford people who like to think they're posh... ditto Frome - and they all look down on Trowbridge! But the council's just given millions to fix up Trow's old town hall (now an arts centre) so hopefully Trow will be a bit nicer in future too.

      I will definitely raise a glass! It's the Stranglers' last gig as Dave Greenfield died during lockdown.

      Yeah, I'm definitely focussing on the physical improvements - no more shoulder pain either. Better posture and shoulders now will do me much more good in the long term than being thin.

    2. I see we are all not alone in our cases of the January Blergs. I have no energy, no enthusiasm, no joy right now. I am just ready for this to be over...and feels so close, and yet nothing is happening. I'm trying to hold onto Things We Have Planned (like you), including a Mother Mother concert (check 'em out - they are awesome!), and possibly a day trip to Vancouver for our 25th anniversary. But this is a hard time of year, isn't it? So grey. It will pass. It will...pass.

      My weight has also crept up - I'm not doing my Mental Health Walks (since I went back to work an extra day), but one of my friends is training to be a personal trainer and offered a free package as part of her practicum, so I leapt at that. I hope to get some strength back in this bod. Menopause is certainly part of that - my body's shape has changed - where the f**k did my waist go!? Anyway, you know the drill, be kind to yourself, etc.

      Great to see Ziggy "helping". Vizzini is similar - he needs to be involved in everything!

  4. I'm reading this a couple days late but yeah, January was depressing as hell and it definitely isn't just you. But now it is February and you know what that means-Aquarius season. If that isn't an excuse to go out there and be a bit weird, I don't know what is. Because it IS all still very weird, isn't it? Might as well embrace it.
    Sewing your own waistcoats sounds like a good excuse for fabric shopping. Think of all the beautiful silks you can use for warmer weather.
    Enjoy the Stranglers and your time in London.

  5. Oh I am certainly feeling the january blues, I have been very low too and therefore doing all the eating as well SIGH. I have been trying to go out for a walk every day but it's not exactly holding back the tide. Don't beat yourself up and I agree self esteem and small victories are far more important. Have a fab time in London, I really enjoyed the exhibition. Here's to the better weather and hopefully things generally being less shit. xx


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