Op, op, oppan, Gamgee style!

A redheaded white woman in teal jeans and a brown tweed waistcoat over a white short-sleeved blouse. She is holding a set of gardening tools against her shoulder.

My last post featured my navy velvet jeans – well, here I am the day after Christmas in the teal ones. Mr Robot and I always go all-out for Christmas, and one of my gifts from him this year was a 'Hobbit kit'. Part one was this waistcoat, brown tweed with navy tweed lapels, and part two was a set of really high-end hand tools for gardening. Both parts were especially welcome as I managed to trash my old, knackered trowel planting bulbs just before Christmas. Pete did a good job getting the right size. As I've got ridiculous bosoms and narrow shoulders, off-the-rack button-up clothing is usually a nightmare, but this fits pretty well. I love the waistcoat. It's warm and smart, but allows me to move my hands and arms freely.

On Christmas day itself I wore the same dress I wore last year, and the year before. It's a teal one with silver and gold lurex stripes, and I bought it in a panic from Monsoon in December 2019 when I hadn't been planning to go to the work Christmas party, then changed my mind at the last minute and dashed out to Debenhams. It cost a fair chunk of cash, but I didn't have time to try it on and knew that size in Monsoon would fit. So now I'm determined to get my money's worth out of it and will probably wear it next Christmas too!

A large glass jar and a box of plants, and a tub of plastic dinosaurs.

Like I say, we spoil each other, and another of my presents was this terrarium kit. How cool is it? Pete wanted to give me one that'd enable me to create my own dinosaur jungle, so he bought a tub of plastic dinos – those would determine the ideal size for everything else – and then liaised with a lady who sells terrarium equipment to get me just the right things to go in it. I'm always fascinated by tiny little worlds, whether that's dolls houses or miniature things or terrariums (terraria?), but the addition of the dinosaurs made it really personal and special. It came with rocks, but they weren't quite right. Happily, I'm the sort of person who brings pebbles home from the beach as souvenirs, so there are now pebbles from Dorset (yes, the Jurassic Coast where Mary Anning found her plesiosaurs) in there.

A terrarium, with two tiny plastic triceratops appearing to eat a small fern.

Everything else has been fairly traditional. We did goose, as ever, for Christmas Day, though I delayed our usual Boxing Day ham by a day as we had plenty of leftovers. I'm turning some more leftovers into Maunika Gowardian's goose biryani later today. Pippin loved her Christmas prawns; Ziggy turned his nose up at his but tried to steal Pete's prawn cocktail, so I guess he's really into marie rose sauce. 

A white man with light brown hair in a ponytail bumping heads with a large tabby cat.

I didn't mention it in my last post, but my nan was taken into hospital while I was visiting mum last week. I expected her to be out before Christmas, but she's still in, and I'm starting to feel rather concerned. And the washing machine has given up, but we've got a replacement coming next week, and honestly the fridge and cooker and boiler can all break down too as long as Nan's okay. I just have to trust the doctors to take good care of her, and I know they will, she's in the same hospital that treated Mum for pneumonia. 

Anyway, not going to leave you on that concerned note; I have a season ticket for the anxiety train and I'm always going to worry about something. On the whole we've had a lovely time, and I'm very much looking forward to a 2022 of Hobbitting around. Bring on the better weather and longer days!


  1. I hope your Nan's better and home soon, Mim.
    On a brighter note P did you proud with that waistcoat, it looks fabulous and perfect with your teal velvet jeans. I think you need a tweed Baker's Boy cap to top the look off, Peaky Blinders style.
    The terrarium is amazing and the cats antics make me laugh. Stephen Squirrel hates human food but occasionally leaps on the table and pulls something off Jon's plate like he's half starved.
    I can't remember if you've shared a photo of your Monsoon dress on the blog before but it sounds fab.
    Happy 2022! xxx

  2. I'm so sorry to hear about your Nan, and hope she'll be OK.
    As for that anxiety train, I've had a season pass for as long as I can remember ...
    On the plus side, look at those presents! Well done to Pete for getting your size right on that waistcoat. I wouldn't say no to high end gardening tools, and I'm loving that terrarium kit. We've got a similar bottle garden, although it didn't come as a kit. I might look our for some plastic inhabitants in the chazzas, though :-) xxx

  3. What a brilliant present the terrarium was/is and I love how you've done it. It is a perfect small world. I have always loved miniature things, too and find them endlessly fascinating. I am very impressed at the Goose Biriyani!

    Happy to New year to you and Pete!

  4. Sending every good thought for your Nan's speedy recovery. It is worrying as the people we love get older, so I'm sending you loads of virtual hugs too. It is hard.
    You make a beautiful hobbit, and quality garden tools will be appreciated in the blisters you don't get after hacking through one wild growth or another in summer.
    We have a terrarium Danny made seven years ago still going though it only has moss. I don't know what it would take to keep plants alive but with this one we just gave it indirect light and general neglect. Seems to work. Happy New Year to the Robots and Cats.

  5. Sending good vibes to you for the anxiety and worry, and to your Nan for a speedy recovery. Hang in there, honey.

    Love the pic of Pete and...Pippin? Ziggy? having head-bumps. Vizzini does that to L (but not me).

    I love your Hobbit vest and your dino-filled terrarium!


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