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A red headed woman smiling at the camera

It's October! And that means I made it all the way through Slow Fashion Season without buying any fast fashion. To be honest, this year most of us probably got through that three-month period without needing any new clothes. The black velour tunic I'm wearing in this photo was one of the garments that got me properly into charity shopping, so I've had it some years, and it was secondhand when I got it. It's St Michael, so 1990s at the latest. (I suspect it dates from the very late 90s as I've got some other velour stuff from back then; Marks' went all-out for it.) 

The point of the photo was really to show off my hair. Deprived of a trim every six weeks, it's getting pretty long now. A friend reckoned I should just go all-out pre-Raphaelite and I have to admit, I'm tempted – a bit of me's always been a sucker for de Morgan ceramics and Morris wallpaper, and at least going full-on Lady Of Shallott will mean I'll have long skirts to keep my legs warm in winter. Though how I'd manage that without buying more clothes is another matter. No, forget the Victorian romance, it's going to be a winter of familiar knits and practical tweed trousers I reckon. (I bet the Lady Of Shallott dragged out the tweed and woollies to stay cosy when there weren't any foppish poets or painters around...)

A tan handbag sitting on top of an identically-shaped olive green handbag

I do have some new-to-me things, though: my godmother was having a clear-out and sent me a trio of handbags. Two were modern-ish – I'd guess 1990s, which is modern to me but not to a lot of vintage sellers, it seems. And there was a brown one which is exactly the same model as an olive green one Gisela sent me, right down to the very fittings! It's a timeless shape so could have been made any time from the 1960s to the 1990s, but I don't mind – it has the boxy look I like, which is the important thing. I've never owned bag twins before. The label is A Jones and Sons.

The inside of a handbag, showing a label reading A Jones and Sons

Of course, as with a lot of my smarter clothing, my nice bags haven't been out as frequently this year. I think only one of my vintage bags has left the house since March. So I've no idea when this new brown bag will see the bright lights of the city. Here's hoping the 'rona's under control and it's sooner rather than later, eh? I do like reading everyone's blog and seeing all you other lovelies out there in blogland are taking things seriously and staying healthy, while making the most of a pretty crummy situation.

And with that, I need to go and read some of your adventures – I've got behind again; the perils of taking time off and coming back into deadline week! Keep staying safe.


  1. Goodness me, how fabulous is your hair looking? Can't beat a bit of velour, I've got a kaftan I pop on after my shower every night. With not having a social life since March, the bum's gone threadbare!
    Those bags are lovely and something to look forward to using in the future, it's not like they're going to go out of fashion.
    My dream to to waft around dressed like The Lady of Shallott or any Pre-Raphaelite beauty only with leggings and woolly socks underneath! xxx

    1. It is so comfy and stretchy, it's like wearing pyjamas.

      I think you'd do better at the Pre-Raphaelite thing than me. I'd probably wind up setting myself on fire on a candle or falling down the stairs after hooking my heel in my hem... I'd better stick with the Hobbit-wear.

    2. Your hair is stunning. It will be fun seeing the photos from this period a decade on-there will be some strange haircuts. But not yours-you have magical hair.

      I have been using the same handbag since April!

  2. I have serious hair envy! You have amazingly gorgeous hair, Mim, and I support Lady of Shallot/Victorian/Stevie Nicks-whatever you want to wear!

    Wonderful purses - I love that you have two identical ones! I have barely touched any of my bags, as I tend to use the same purse daily. I've been making an effort to match my bag to my outfit on the weekends, at least, even if I'm only in public for an hour at the diner.

    Hooray for velour - so Klassy!

  3. Your hair is looking amazing! At this stage I'm really regretting cutting mine, back in March I was adamant I would keep it short & had the vague notion I could make myself look like Mia Farrow. I have no idea at this rate when I'll be back to the hairdressers & have decided to let it grow with a bit of gentle shaping. I have succumbed & bought a couple of pairs of trews... but I was in desperate need of elasticated waists!

  4. I think your hair looks really beautiful, really as beautiful as some pre-raphaelite ladies' hair, those red haired ladies whose decadent style I admire so much!. So I totally understand the appeal of medieval maxi dresses and massive sleeves, so fabulous. But I also understand that tweed and wool are more sensible, and you rock in your vintage style so much!.
    And you're right, wearing maxi dresses can be dangerous!. I always get them caught in my office chair wheels, argh!
    Both bags are really lovely!, you lucky girl!

  5. Your hair is looking fantastic, Mim! Very luxurious! A look, I think, which will suit both a Lady of Shalott look or a more sensible knits and tweeds one. I remember having some velour stuff back in the 90s. Some of it might even have been St. Michael, as there was a Marks & Sparks shop in Antwerp back then. I'm loving your handbag twins. I haven't had much use for my vintage handbags either, which is a shame really, but I do tend to fall back on the same two or three whenever I go out of the house. xxx

  6. Your hair is awesome, sadly I don’t have the patience to grow it past my ears! Luckily I can play with the colour which is pink at the moment. I can imagine you being a pre rapahilite goddess! It would suit you.

  7. Got to love a bit of velour! I have serious hair envy I wish mine would grow like that. How cool about the handbag twin. I really need to blog again...


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