A vintage surprise

An ochre handbag lying on an apple green and ochre scarfI'm right in the middle of my winter deadline hell right now. (I worked past 10pm yesterday.) I know I can get through it, I've just got to grit my teeth and get on with it, but it is hard, and sometimes I feel like very few people around me know how much effort I'm putting in, or really think it matters. So when I unwrapped this package from Gisela today, I almost cried. It's so lovely!

The bag is by Van-Dal, and the label says "A matching handbag by Van-Dal Norwich England". The logo has been pretty much the same since the 1940s and Van-Dal do still have a factory in Norwich, but I reckon the shape is about as mid-60s as it gets. It's more ochre than mustard, and the colour is echoed in the scarf Gisela sent, which is a clear apple green, malachite, and ochre. I'd never have though of pairing ochre with apple, so the scarf has set my mind spinning! I don't think I have masses to go with it right now, but that's what the sewing machine's for, eh? (Not that the poor thing is getting out much while I'm so busy.)

Also in the parcel are some rocket paperclips, for all my retro-futuristic clipping needs, and a book of self-care tokens. I'm going to flick through the latter every day or so as it's full of reminders of nice little things to do that I'm probably going to forget about otherwise.
a pile of items from the Nebraska state fair, including a tea towel and cookbook
That's not the only good post I've had this month, though! I won Goody's Nebraska State Fair giveaway, including a cookbook featuring a number of her son's prize-winning recipes. It vanished in the post, and as I hadn't heard from Customs we both assumed it had been eaten by the mail monster, but then it showed up. There are some really good recipes in that book, and when I make them I'll share the results with you.
A red headed woman in a floral dress
And I didn't tell you what I wore to the Golden Joysticks, did I? I went with my faithful old jacquard dress in the end. I just wanted all those colours. My nails were a light sage green, earrings bright green, and I emmapeeled my hair. I didn't feel dressed up, but appropriate and, more importantly, comfortable. In case you're wondering, the lipstick is L'Oreal Color Riche Matte in Brick Vintage, and it is perfect. It's red, but just muted enough to work on my skin, which has a lot of gold tones in it, and lasts really well. Now I think about it, I really should go in and get a backup, and a couple of other colours too.

I hope your end of November is considerably less stressful. All my vintage chums really brighten my days right now, so may your chazzas be filled with bargainous old tat, and all your armpits remain unripped!


  1. What a lovely gift from Gisela! The shape of the bag is gorgeous and the scarf is the perfect match. What a relief that Goody's parcel turned up, too. Hope both managed to cheer you up and see a bit of light at the end of the deadline tunnel.
    You looked gorgeous for the Golden Joysticks Awards, a fab choice. Your makeup and hair were perfect, too.
    Yes, always keep a favourite lipstick in reserve, you never know when they might get phased out. xxx

  2. Isn't Gisela lovely to think of you in your time of need ;-) The bag is gorgeous and so does that scarf, which might very well look great with navy! What a relief that Good's parcel didn't get lost after all. Love your outfit, hair, and make-up worn for the Golden Joysticks Awards. And yes, if I find a lipstick I like I buy it in multiples! xxx

  3. That was a wonderful gift to receive and it clearly cheered you up; I'm so glad. Wonderful presents.

    I must investigate that lipstick colour it looks gorgeous on you and your jacquard dress looked lovely on you. Beautiful colours and print.

    Have a great weekend.

  4. I was so glad to hear the package showed up! Gisela has wonderful handbag taste, and that will be such a useful colour to have.

    I've wondered about your lippy! Now I'm off to see if it is available in the US. I suspect it would work well for me.

  5. Cool vintage style :) You look nice ^.^

  6. Oh, that's a great dress, I'm glad you wore it and felt good. Love the Emma Peeled hair - my hair also does that really easily, and I'm loving that lipstick. I must have the same skin tone, as that brick red also really suits me.

    What a fabulous handbag! Such a nice thing to get when you've been working so hard!


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