Is this decadence?

When Mr Robot and I went to India last year we bought some incredible handloomed silk. We got it in Kolkata, though the shop was, as far as I could tell, one run by the Maharashtran regional government to promote their region's crafts. The silk was an absolute bargain compared to what we'd pay here in the UK. And what have I done with it? Well, today I turned some of it into cushion covers.

The cushions were originally the back pads for our previous sofa, bought when we first left university. It was the cheapest sofa Kays catalogue did, though it lasted nearly two decades. When we replaced it we figured the sofa we were buying would be the last we'd ever buy, so splashed out on a really good dark red leather one. We kept the back pads from the rickety old sofa. Its covers were dark red, so it went – but look how much nicer they look covered in silk. One side is dark red, and the other a gorgeous gold. In keeping with the recycling theme, I carefully took the zips out of the old covers and used them in these ones. When I made the cushion covers I realised that the fabric had a tendency to fray, so oversewed all the edges on my machine, which I'd never tried before. That'll be a useful technique when making clothes with delicate fabric too.

I'm not sure if this isn't a bit decadent. However, if it is... just wait till I've got round to turning two ornate (but inexpensive) shawls into bolsters to sit alongside them.

I've got a fair bit of silk left over. The red was woven slightly narrower, so I have less of that, but I think I've got a good two and a bit metres of the gold, and am wondering whether that's enough to make a jacket out of. The red could well become a dress bodice and/or matching bag. What do you think the fabric would be good for? I'm reluctant to do a skirt as I think it will wrinkle very easily and look a bit scruffy.


  1. That sofa is absolutely gorgeous! And so are the silk cushion covers. I love how you re-used the back pads of your previous sofa, as much as an environmentally friendly act as a sentimental one. The silk cushions look really sumptuous. I'm not sure I'd call it decadent. Can't wait to see those bolsters ... xxx

  2. The cushions are beautiful. I suppose any leftover scraps after making a jacket could be used to cover lampshades, for a matching look.

  3. You're on a roll! How fabulous are those cushions? They look so good with your oxblood sofa.
    I love that you've utilised the cushions from your old settee and reused the old zips. The bolster covers sound great, can't wait to see them in situ.
    How about a short kimono jacket with the rest of the gold silk? If the red was mine I'd definitely be incorporating it into an Afghan Nomad-style dress and maybe make an envelope clutch bag from the rest. xxx

  4. The cushions look beautiful. I love the sound of the bolsters, too and can't wait to see what you make of them. You are sounding ever so professional with the 'oversewing' etc. I haven't a clue what it means...

    Red and gold are a lovely combination and I think a bag in the red and a jacket in the gold with fabulous buttons? Silk is a bugger for creasing though...good luck what ever you decide!

  5. Your sofa is gorgeous, so lush! I love that you re-used the zippers on these new covers - and what a lovely use of your souvenir! I would make obi belts out of the leftovers!

  6. Beautiful fabric! A kimono jacket was my first thought too. You could use panels to utilise both red and gold. You are doing so well with the sewing, lovely to see. X


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