Thursday, 12 May 2011

Have you met Mollie?

The magazine I work for now has a new sister publication, Mollie Makes. If you're into vintage and crafts, it's well worth picking up for a flick-through. While a lot of it is modern in style, it's extremely pretty, and there's also a good helping of vintage in there. The events listing, for example, mentions the Hemsby Weekender and Norfolk's Little Vintage Lover Fair, there's a page of retro aprons, a display of crocheted potholders, sources of retro fabrics and Charlie The Savvy Crafter's four fab designs for Peter Pan collars – adding a collar is a very vintage touch to an outfit; I have a page of collars in my old Woman Weekend Book from the '50s. Charlie also designed the cover kit, a cute little gadget cosy.

I've been nattering to the editor, and the mag will continue to feature vintage elements, so if you've run out of old Stitchcrafts or want a vintage-friendly mag that uses materials you can actually buy (*waves fist at the global lack of 1950s Patons Fuzzy Wuzzy angora*), do take a look. Or preview it online here.


  1. sort of mag I would like to work on.

  2. It looks very pretty, but I am totally befuddled by why an apple would need a crochet apple-cosy. Is it for people who store apples in their lofts over the winter and don't want them bruising each other?

  3. I think it's for lunchboxes. Stored fruit needs air round it, so things like apples and onions need to be stored sitting, not touching each other, in trays of sand.

    It is a bit odd, I agree.